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The Only Alphalete Leggings Review You’ll Ever Need To Read

Trust me, you’ll never need to read another Alphalete leggings review again after you read this one!

I’ve been putting the Alphalete Amplify leggings through their paces and have all the info you need to know before you buy and, spoiler alert, you’ll want to buy at least one pair of these to update your workout wardrobe. Before we dive in, know that you can get Alphalete’s Leggings for 10% off using our Alphalete discount code, ALPHALETE10.


Alphalete, founded by fitness entrepreneur Christian Guzman, has grown to be one of the biggest fitness brands in the world thanks to their fantastic quality clothing with great attention to detail making every piece functional and insanely wearable.

There are a few different styles of leggings in the Alphalete range, including the eco-friendly Ozone leggings, the super-cosy double-brushed Wonder leggings, and incredibly stretchy cross-wrapped Surface Power leggings.

Each style has something special about them, and the one you end up going for really is just a matter of personal taste. My top pick though, are the Amplify leggings.

Alphalete Amplify leggings


Leggings are a staple in every woman’s workout wardrobe and they really don’t get better than the Amplify leggings from Alphalete.

They come in an amazing range of 30 colors, including classics like Black, neutrals like Linen, Chai, and Hazelnut, and bright, fun shades like Magenta and Pixel Pink.

My personal favorites? Ocean and Pier Blue. But you should absolutely spend a bit of time scrolling through all 30 colors and find your own favorites that suit your style.

Whatever color you go for, you can get the leggings in a range of sizes from XXS to XXL which is fantastic, especially compared to other brands that aren’t as inclusive and accessible to different body shapes.

And these Alphalete Amplify leggings look fantastic on everyone. 

The fabric has increased elasticity which gives them unrivaled compression, shape retention, and flexibility so they move in sync with you as you exercise and show off your curves beautifully.

And the back scrunch seam detail is structurally reinforced to give the perfect amount of support and durability as well as enhancing your shape.

To top it all off, the Amplify leggings also have leg and glute contouring panels to make them as flattering as they can possibly be. Honestly, these leggings look incredible on and are such a confidence-booster for hitting the gym!


But we all know looks aren’t everything, so how do these leggings feel to wear?

In a word – amazing!

They’re made with custom-sourced Italian yarn fibers that are blended together to make them feel irresistibly silky and smooth against your skin. And Alphalete’s special full-interlock knit construction forms a denser, seamless fabric that is still lovely and breathable so they feel super supportive but still keep you cool when you work up a sweat.

I also really love the high-waisted cut which is super flattering and comfortable and stays in place perfectly when you move around during a workout.

The Amplify leggings run true to size, but if you’re kind of between sizes then you should size up rather than down to make sure you get a pair that are comfortable and not just that little bit too snug.


I love the leggings paired with a high-impact Amplify sports bra and the high-performance Velocity Tee for high-intensity workouts, but they also work brilliantly with an oversized Classic Crew sweatshirt for casual rest days.

Whatever you’re up to, whether it’s hitting a hiit class, taking in a relaxing yoga session, or just heading to the mall, the Amplify leggings look and feel great and will give you such a confidence boost thanks to the flattering style and supportive, seamless fabric.

Amplify leggings are normally priced at $72, but some of the colors are on sale right now with prices ranging from $43.20 to $64.80.

And you can save a further 10% off whichever colors you go for when you use our exclusive discount code ALPHALETE10 at the checkout.

Visit the Alphalete website here to shop now.

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