About Gymfluencers USA

Wouldn’t it be so rad if you could access coupons to killer health brands, track national sports events and find local online coaches all in one place? How awesome would it be if that was all free? About Gymfluencers USA.

Well buddy, you’re in luck! Gymfluencers USA is a totally free-to-use platform that does just that.

To be honest, it was exhausting to spend hours and hours searching for information about macros, fitness plans, “best protein powders”… Sifting through hundreds of different sites for facts and good advice, resulting in brainfog. Signing up to lame sites that also send spam mail non-stop. Gymfluencers wanted to create something totally opposite.

We were built on three main values: integrity, cooperation and authenticity.

Our platform is here to make sure you get the ultimate window-shop experience, without having to pay a dime. (We already pay enough for healthcare, right?)

If you’re on a mission to get serious about fitness, this is your no-nonsense guide to victory.

Your health and fitness journey should be easy breezy. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the game, if you’re a gym-rat or a pilates pro, it’s all in the goals.

That’s why we designed a platform that allows you to browse in luxury, and leisurely. Find trusted reviews about new products, get free day passes to America’s top gyms, and much more.

We’ve even partnered with buzzing brands including KleanAthlete, Beauty Pie and NordicTrack. From super supplements to tactical technology.

Become part of the Gymfluencers without any fuss. There’s literally nothing out there like us.