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Alphalete Amplify Leggings

Alphalete Amplify Leggings Made Christian Guzman $30Million In A Single Year

Revealed on the Maxx Chewning Don’t Be Sour Podcast, Christian Guzman (founder of Alphaland) revealed how he grew his business by $30Million in a single year thanks to the Alphalete Amplified Leggings launch.

Alphalete’s Amplify Leggings are one of the most popular leggings in the fitness industry. Christian Guzman prides himself on creating the perfect legging just by listening to what women want from activewear.

The Return of Christian Guzman - DON'T BE SOUR EP. 28

Christian states that he spends hours researching and listening to females to help him create his products. With his main goal being to make gym clothing that makes people feel good, Christian has worked tirelessly to create the perfect Amplify legging ensuring that they sculpt the glutes and legs whilst sinching in the waist. However, he believes that there are always improvements to be made, and he is currently working on creating a shorter waistband for the leggings.

Alphalete Amplify Leggings

The Alphalete leggings have been a huge contributor to Alphalete’s success and helped increase their yearly sales from $50M to $80M. Christian believes that they soared in popularity due to the fit and how they make girls everywhere look and feel their best. He even states that girls will love Amplify leggings even more than lululemon’s classic Align pants. You can buy your Alphalete Amplify Leggings and save 10% using code PARTNER10 Here.

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