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Top calisthenics tips for beginners

Demi Bagby joins Chris Heria in this epic collaboration as they share some of the biggest calisthenics tips you should know. Both athletes are calisthenics legends, and it’ll be great to see what they have to say. You should also…

Training with the world’s strongest coach

Tanner Shuck has gone to train withi who many consider to be the strongest coach in the world. Here is what happened to his physique after. You should also explore Tanner’s YouTube channel for more content.

Making cardio less boring

Yes, it’s possible for cardio to get boring once you’ve done it over and over. In this video, Dana Linn Bailey shows you how to avoid that in one video. You don’t want to miss this. Next, check out Dana’s…

How to get rid of backpain when deadlifting

Join Demi Bagby in this video as she shares some of her biggest tips for avoiding backpain when lifting. The advice may just surprise you. You should also explore Demi’s YouTube channel for more content.

7 minute guide to bulking effectively

If you’re going on a bulk, the chances are that you’re going to get a few things wrong. That’s because of all the misinformation around bulking floating around. In this video, Tanner Shuck shares his no BS guide to bulking.…

Growing legs, one set at a time

Join Dana Linn Bailey for this epic legs workout. The goal is simple – grow your legs as much as possible. All you have to do is hit play to check it out. Next, check out Dana’s YouTube channel for…

What Tanner Shuck thinks of Greg Doucette

If you know Greg Doucette, you know he’s not afraid to call things out as they are. Some have even accused him of crossing the line many times for the sake of content. Well, Tanner Shuck also has a few…

Influencer vs Norway military test

Demi Bagby may have bitten off more than she can chew in this video as she attempts Norway’s hardest military fitness test. How in shape is she really? Hit play and find out. You should also explore Demi’s YouTube channel…