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YOSUDA Pro-M Magnetic Exercise Bike Review

YOSUDA Pro-M Magnetic Exercise Bike Review

Alright, so you’re looking to level up your home gym setup and you’ve landed on the YOSUDA Pro-M Magnetic Exercise Bike. Solid choice, my friend. First off, don’t forget you can snag this bad boy for a sweet 15% off…
inflatable ice bath warrior willpower

Inflatable Ice Bath Review

We all need an ice bath every now and again for various reasons. The problem is that our home bathtubs are clearly not detachable, and there are not many inflatable ice bath-on-the-go options either.  Well, until recently, that is. Warrior…
ice bath barrrel spartan willpower

Top Choice: The Ultimate Ice Bath Barrel

Baths have served therapeutic purposes since the beginning of time. From a quick dip in slow-flowing streams to the Greek public baths, humans have always understood the place of a cool bath between their activities. Nowadays, we take showers to do…
Les Mills Starter Set Review

Les Mills Starter Set Review

Get your home workout journey off to a flying start with the Les Mills Starter Set. With the core bits of kit you need for a huge range of moves, it’s the ideal way to fit exercise into your day…
lumen macro device

Is The Lumen Macro Device Worth It?

The Lumen Macro Tracking Device is stirring the health tech market with its personalized approach to metabolic health. With a solid 4.6 rating across 3,000+ reviews, it’s clear that Lumen has become a well-respected name among fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious…
lumen metabolism device review

Lumen Device Reviewed!

In the modern age where health is wealth, the Lumen Metabolism Tracker emerges not just as a gadget but as a companion in the true journey of health transformation. Touted as “the best health device out there” by satisfied user…
groundingwell mat review

GroundingWell Mat Review

As a fitness and health enthusiast constantly on the lookout for innovative wellness tools, I’ve recently stumbled upon something that’s genuinely transforming the way we tackle chronic pain and discomfort. It’s the GroundingWell Mat, and it might just be what…
major fitness all in one home gym machine

The Ultimate All In One Home Gym Machine

In an era where home fitness is more important than ever, Major Fitness has set a new standard with the launch of its All-In-One Gym Machine, the Spirit B52. This state-of-the-art equipment is designed to cater to all your strength…
natural cycles app review

Natural Cycles Birth Control App Review

Let’s get real for a sec. As someone who’s pretty much glued to her fitness and health routine, I’m always on the lookout for ways to streamline my life and make health management as seamless as my morning smoothie. Enter…