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Gymshark pre workout

More Plates More Dates Slams The New Gymshark Pre Workout

Canadian blogger More Plates More Dates slammed the new Gymshark Pre Workout during a brutal review on his YouTube channel. 

The self-improvement guru picked apart the formula as he condemned Gymshark’s first-ever supplement. 

As part of a 25-minute, detailed breakdown of the product, he said: “I can already tell at a glance there wasn’t a lot of effort put into this product launch because no one with a reasonable, thorough education in the supplement industry would have put out some of these statements about the formula, or even potentially came out with this formula at all.

“Maybe it will sell well because they have such a giant customer base the margin will be totally worth it, and they’ll still blow out of them so it doesn’t matter. But at a glance, this formula is very basic and weak.”

Shortly after Gymshark Pre Workout dropped, scores of critics took to the web to label the formula as ‘under-dosed’. 

Gymshark Drops The Ball(s on your face with their pre-workout)

While More Plates More Dates – or Derek, as he’s otherwise known – acknowledged that there was a reasonable dose of caffeine and creatine present in the pre-workout, he said the rest was sub-efficacious, specifically questioning the inclusion of Beta-Alanine and the “sh*t dose” of taurine. 

“Overall do I think this formula is worth the $37.30? Nope,” he added. 

“It is a rough one dude. It’s not quite a balls-on-your-head formula but it’s kind of. This company was clearly like, ‘we have such a big audience, so many people that trust us and buy out sh*t, so if we just come out and slap our label on it enough people are going to buy it to make it worthwhile’.”

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