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Gymshark pre workout

Is Gymshark Pre Workout Worth All The Hype?

Following 7 years of domination in the fitness apparel game, industry giant Gymshark has taken its first step into the world of sports nutrition with Gymshark Pre.

I’m sure you’ve already heard and seen lots about the clothing company’s first-ever supplement – unless you’ve been living under a rock, that is.

There has been plenty of talk online about the mega-brand’s inaugural pre-workout formula, and some of it hasn’t been particularly complimentary. 

Today, we’re going to try to cut through all the noise and give you our honest opinion on whether Gymshark Pre is worth all the hype, or your hard-earned money. 

So, without further ado, let’s get into it…

Gymshark Pre Workout: How Did We Get Here?

Gymshark Pre-Workout

Before we take a deep dive into the formula, I think it’s important to understand how Gymshark has progressed to a point where it could genuinely become a major player in the supplement industry.

Gymshark Pre seems like it has come completely from left field, but the company’s history tells a slightly different story. 

Ben Francis’s rags-to-riches story has been well-publicised. A former delivery boy for Pizza Hut, Francis started Gymshark just over 10 years ago with his former business partner in the garage of his parent’s home.

Before Gymshark slowly evolved into the brand we know and love today, the pair originally intended for it to be a supplement company. However, after struggling to raise the cash to buy stock or set up supply chains they took the decision to instead create apparel. You could say it turned out alright for them.

Little needs to be said about Gymshark’s meteoric rise since. And Francis has earned himself a place on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list and received an MBE.

Just last year a brand-new Gymshark megastore was opened in central London – an innovative move that was perhaps a hint that Francis had started to think of new ways he could progress Gymshark even further.

Gymshark Pre will undoubtedly signal further strides into the world of supplementation, so watch this space!

The Inside Scoop on Gymshark Pre Workout

Gymshark pre workout

I think it’s safe to say Gymshark has taken some heat on social media over its first-ever supplement, and fans have by-in-large aimed their jibes at the choice of ingredients and dosages.

But is it justified? The clothing company’s formula features a moderate combination of all the good stuff that you’d typically expect from a pre-workout. 

That’s probably sensible manufacturing given the huge audience it has been introduced to.  

However, people have called the recipe ‘under-dosed’ and claimed it has used its weight and reputation to roll out a sub-par product.

The formula – which was announced to the world on January 12 – includes 4g of citrulline malate at a 2:1 ratio, 3.25g of creatine, and 2g of beta-alanine for good measure.

Rounding off the blend are B vitamins, just 200mg of taurine, 100mg of theacrine, and, of course, that all-important boost of 200mg of caffeine.

For those that have dry-scooped their way through plenty of pre-workout, the dosages definitely provide room to double up. 

That being said, the label does only recommend throwing down a single serving, of which there are 30 in every tub.

It’s clear this has been launched as a slightly diluted concoction that’s aimed towards the wider fitness community as opposed to powerlifters looking to set new personal bests. 

But for me, Gymshark always had to take the approach it has, especially when floating a product to the mainstream market which has such a potent effect. 

Given its name and popularity, heaps of people are bound to buy it – some of who may not have had anything stronger than an energy drink before their workouts. 

Naturally, those people are unlikely to know whether a concoction is particularly strong or weak, and they’d probably chop it with blind faith and be left with an itchy face for a good hours or so.

In my opinion, Gymshark Pre provides a really accessible and trustworthy option for anyone looking to try their first pre-workout. Still, it may be one to steer clear of if you’re already acclimatised to the more potent stuff. 

Gymshark Pre-Workout Supplement: How to Get it

Gymshark pre workout

The modest price of Gymshark Pre certainly supports the theory that it is being floated to the mainstream at £30, or $36.66, a tub. 

It comes in Blue Raspberry and is currently a limited edition item sold in-store, online through its website, and at events.

Now that Gymshark Pre has launched, click here to grab yours.

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