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logan paul reacts to dillon danis

Logan Paul Finally Reacts To Dillon Danis’ Tweets

After getting two billion impressions on the popular social media platform formerly known as Twitter, now X, Dillion Danis finally gets Logan Paul to react. Reading several of Danis’ tweets, Logan concluded that Danis is all talk and only seeks attention.

According to Paul, Danis reeks of jealousy, sighting instances of the latter asking to be on Paul’s podcast, IMPAULSIVE. Reacting to Danis’ attention-seeking behaviour, Paul stated he has no plans of allowing Danis a space on his platform. 

The professional boxer and popular YouTuber further expressed his regrets about giving Danis an opportunity to be in the same ring with him. That’s not all, Paul also added that Danis doesn’t deserve any of the attention he’s getting due to his agreeing to the fight.


Referring to Danis as an “emotional, sensitive little boy,” Paul said Danis didn’t dare to voice his tweets in person. He called Danis a “Twitter warrior,” hiding behind the keypads and trolling him when, in real life, Danis was shaking and quivering in his presence.

Responding to Danis’ claims on Paul refusing to bring him as a guest on his podcast, Paul denied having any conversation with Danis to this effect. He was appalled by the lies Danis was spreading via his tweets, all in a bid to get validation from the audience.
The match between Dillion Danis and Logan Paul, held on the 14th of is causing a stir on social media, with fans of both fighters anticipating it. While Paul and Danis will head-to-head, Paul’s business partner and friend, KSI, will face Tommy Fury.

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