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Aljamain Sterling Claims Dillon Danis Could Beat Logan Paul

Speaking on Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk, Mixed Martial Artist Aljamain Sterling referred to Dillion Danis’ antics on getting into Logan Paul’s head as distasteful. Recently, Dillion Danis trolled Nina Agdal, Logan’s fiancé, causing a stir on social media.

While Paul and his fiancé, Nina, seem to be taking the trolling quite well, Sterling believes Danis’ behaviour is appalling and unnecessary. As a professional fighter, Sterling understands building hype for a fight and getting into your opponent’s head and under their skin can make them lose focus. However, he wouldn’t resort to that method to win a fight.

Aljamain Sterling On Dillon Danis Trolling Logan Paul w/ Fiancé Nina Agdal

When asked who he thought would win the fight, Sterling immediately said Logan Paul was likelier to win Dillion Danis. According to the MMA fighter, Paul is a better fighter and has a bigger physique than his opponent, Danis.

He also added that if the match was an MMA fight, he thinks the tables would turn, and Danis would emerge the winner. However, as far as he’s concerned, Paul had the upper hand in his and Danis’ match coming up on the 14th of October, with him being very good at punching, especially with his boxing history.

Recently, Dillion Danis broke the internet when his tweet on X, formerly known as Twitter, garnered an impressive two billion impressions. While many weren’t pumped about the fight, thanks to Danis’ tweet, social media is abuzz, earnestly waiting for the D-day.

Sterling hopes the match holds, as it’s not uncommon to see fights like that get cancelled for unknown reasons.

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