15% OFF Alphalete Discount Code
15% OFF Alphalete Discount Code

15% OFF Alphalete Discount Code

15% OFF


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In today’s world of online shopping, discount codes have become increasingly popular, presenting a great way of saving money while buying from your favorite brands. Interestingly, one discount you shouldn’t afford to miss is the Alphalete discount. With the Alphalete discount code –GYMALPHA15–you get 15% off your purchase at the Alphalete store.


Owned by fitness expert and popular YouTuber Christian Guzman, Alphalete is a brand that’s renowned for producing high-quality fitness apparel. Alphalete makes stylish, comfortable, and durable workout clothes perfect for any gender. 


The brand creates functional, performance-driven apparel that combines comfort, style, and durability. Alphalete’s clothing is designed to provide a great fit and support during workouts, whether it’s weightlifting, running, or any other physical activity.

Alphalete: How It All Began

The company’s founder, Christian Guzman, has built Alphalete on hard work, discipline, and dedication. The fitness clothing brand started as CG Fitness (Christian Guzman Fitness) back in 2012 after Christian started gaining recognition on his YouTube channel. The brand started with printed t-shirts and ventured into tank tops, wristbands, and hoodies. 


As CG Fitness increased in popularity, Christian wanted to detach his name from the brand. After coming up with several names, Alphalete was birthed. Alphalete, coined from “Alpha” and “Athlete,” sounded cheesy to Christian initially, but eventually, he came to love it and stuck with it.


Several years later, Alphalete is going strong and delivering quality products at the forefront of its industry. All of Alphalete’s designs are tailor-made to suit your needs ensuring they are perfect for you. Also, the amount of time and attention poured into each design is evident in the final product and the brand’s ever-growing customer base.


Apart from Alphalete, Christian Guzman also owns Alphaland and other fitness businesses. Alphaland, referred to as the Disneyland of, Fitness, is a half-acre warehouse gym with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, ample parking space, a cafe, working spaces, basketball courts, and two volleyball courts underway.


Top Alphalete Products to Consider

When it comes to Alphalete products, you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth and even more. Alphalete doesn’t compromise on the quality of its products, and that’s why it’s so loved. 


Your fitness collection isn’t complete without some of these Alphalete pieces. Here are some of our top picks,

Alphalete Leggings

The Alphalete Amplify Leggings are a must-have for any active individual. These leggings are designed with both style and functionality in mind. They feature a high-waisted design with a flattering fit and a back scrunch seam to enhance your curves. 


The leggings also have leg and glute contouring panels with a 3-tiered tapered waistband. Designed to move with you, Alphalete leggings offer unmatched flexibility, compression, and shape retention. They come in various colors and patterns, allowing you to express your style while crushing your fitness goals. 

Alphalete Shorts



The Alphalete Infinity Speed Shorts is something for the guys. These shorts feature laser-cut perforations with smooth and soft fabric that leaves you feeling comfortable all through your workout. It has a waterproof zipper and front slip pockets for storing your valuables.


With the Alphalete shorts, you get both comfort and style. The Infinity Speed shorts have a compressive fit with custom-branded drawstrings and a 5.5” inseam. However, you can consider sizing up if you’re not a fan of compressive fits. Also, there are several colours to choose from with a size range from XS to XXXL.


Alphalete Amplify

The Alphalete Amplify is a line of high-performance training gear, including leggings, sports bras, tank tops, crop tops, and shorts, all perfect for every body type and training style.


Designed with every workout in mind, from high-impact training to low-impact exercises, the Alphalete Amplify pieces are versatile. The Alphalete Amplify also features mesh panels on the leggings and shorts to improve ventilation, making air circulation easier when working out. 


Make sure to use our 15% off Alphalete Discount Code GYMALPHA15 at checkout to enjoy additional savings on these top Alphalete products and more. By taking advantage of this exclusive discount, you can elevate your fitness wardrobe while saving money. Visit the Alphalete website to start shopping.

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