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Alphaland Sets Out To Build New Volleyball Courts

Popular Fitness YouTuber and the owner of Alphaland, the world’s biggest gym, Christian Guzman, shared his plans to build new Alphaland Volleyball courts in a recent Youtube Video. Alphaland, which opened in January 2022, is a half-acre warehouse gym with basketball courts, an ample parking space, a food court, retail stores dealing with fitness merch, and much more.

According to Christian, he plans to build two massive volleyball courts, with one being for men and the other for women. In his video, he shared that he invested $20k on the building project but believes it is worth it.

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He also shared his plans to turn Alphaland’s fence area into a quarter-mile trail that will wrap around the gym’s standard football field. In the video, he visually represented how the trail would look while sharing his plans to build an outdoor eating area. Alphaland already has a restaurant known as Alphaeats, which has varieties of healthy meal options and an option that allows you to build your bowl.

Bringing the video to an end, he spoke of his plans to build bridges over the water area of the gym. Alphaland is located in Houston, Texas, and is referred to as the Disneyland of Fitness.

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