15% Off Human Improvement Vanilla Protein Discount Code
15% Off Human Improvement Vanilla Protein Discount Code

15% Off Human Improvement Vanilla Protein Discount Code

15% off


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15% Off Human Improvement Vanilla Protein Discount Code GYMFLUENCERS

15% Off Human Improvement Vanilla Protein Discount Code

Unlock Your Fitness Potential with Human Improvement Vanilla Protein Now with a Special 15% Discount


Elevate your health and fitness regime with Human Improvement’s Vanilla Protein, now available at a special 15% discount using the code GYMFLUENCERS.


Product Highlights: Human Improvement Vanilla Protein


Regular Price: $49.99 for a standard pack.

Flavors Available: Vanilla, Chocolate, Mix Pack.


Key Benefits of Human Improvement Vanilla Protein


  1. Nutrient-Dense: Boasting 22g of organic protein, 3.5g BCAAs, and complete essential amino acids, this protein supplement is ideal for building lean muscle.
  2. Digestive Health Support: Includes prebiotics, fiber, and psyllium husk to enhance gut health.
  3. Easy Digestion: Formulated to minimize bloating and improve digestive efficiency.
  4. Satiety and Mood Enhancement: High protein and fiber content, coupled with B12, zinc, and iron, help boost mood and energy levels.
  5. Enhanced Recovery: The complete amino profile aids in quicker recovery and injury prevention.


Unique Ingredients for Optimal Wellness


  • Organic Protein Blend: Combining pumpkin, pea, brown rice, and cricket protein, this blend offers a full amino panel and diverse micronutrients.
  • Functional Superfoods: Free from gums and added sugars, it includes psyllium husk and flaxseed for fiber and coconut milk and MCTs for energy and mood.
  • Sustainable Cricket Protein: A nutritionally dense, digestible, and sustainable protein source, rich in prebiotics, vitamins, and minerals.


Designed for Versatility and Convenience


  • Flexible Consumption: Mix with water, milk, smoothies, yogurt, or use in baking.
  • Keto and Paleo Friendly: Fits a variety of dietary needs.
  • Special Offer: Apply the discount code GYMFLUENCERS at checkout for 15% off.


Quality Assurance


  • Guarantee: Backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Allergen Information: Check for potential allergens.
  • Purity and Simplicity: Free from added sugars, gums, or fillers.


Elevate Your Nutrition with Human Improvement


Human Improvement Vanilla Protein is more than a supplement; it’s an integral part of a holistic approach to wellness. Suitable for daily use, it meets the health and fitness needs of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle.


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