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Alpha Lion Superhuman Pump

Why You Need To Try Alpha Lion Superhuman Pump

Need something to give you an edge during your workouts but don’t want a pre-workout packed with caffeine? Then you need to try Alpha Lion Superhuman Pump.

It’s a pre-workout powder designed to boost your strength and power output in a completely stimulant-free, research-backed formula that’s safe and side-effect free.

The powerful ingredients include Citrulline, S7, and Beta Alanine for enhanced pump and performance potential, Alphasize and Lion’s Mane for more focus, and Hydroprime for maximized muscle fullness and hydration.

Alpha Lion Superhuman Pump

Alpha Lion take a full transparency stance with their products, so you can see exactly how much of each active ingredient is in the formula which is something some other companies aren’t quite so open and honest about. They also make sure that all the ingredients in the Superhuman Pump formula are supported and backed by the latest scientific research so you know it’s as effective as it can possibly be.

So whether you want a pre-workout to power you through evening gym sessions without then keeping you up all night, or just want to stop the risk of building up a tolerance to caffeine by using it in a pre-workout every day, Alpha Lion’s Superhuman Pump is the answer.

Available in 4 fresh and fruity flavors, Superhuman Pump costs $49.99 for a 42 serving tub. Visit the Alphalion website to order yours now.

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