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Asystem bruce wayne system

Introducing The Asystem Bruce Wayne System

Release your inner superhero and become your fittest, healthiest self with the Asystem Bruce Wayne system. Developed in collaboration with Warner Bros and DC Comics and inspired by Bruce Wayne, everyone’s favourite undercover hero, the system is made up of two powerful supplements to enhance your energy and boost your immune system.


Asystem are a fitness and wellbeing supplements company with one simple mission – to make it easy for you to perform at your best. They’ve created a range of supplements to support everything from sleep and immunity to energy and libido, all designed to be as powerful and effective as possible.

The Bruce Wayne system contains two of these supplements to help you take complete charge of your health – Preworkout+ and Immunity+.

Let’s take a closer look at them.

Asystem Bruce Wayne System

Asystem bruce wayne system

Get ready to attack your workout with Gotham-style explosive energy thanks to Asystem’s Preworkout+. Unlike other preworkouts which come in powder form and are mixed with water and drunk, Asystem’s Preworkout+ comes in capsules that are easy and convenient to take anywhere, any time.

Knock back two of the capsules with a glass of water 30 minutes before exercise and by the time you start moving you’ll notice a huge boost in energy and endurance so you can push further and lift heavier. The main energizing effects of the capsules normally last between 4 and 6 hours so you’ll fly through your workout and still feel great for a good while after you’re done.

What makes this Preworkout formula stand out from the rest is the fact that it uses clean, pure, natural caffeine from tea leaves so you never get that nasty crash when the effects wear off. It’s also sugar free and has zero calories which makes it so much better than all the sugary, calorie-packed energy drinks out there.

Asystem bruce wayne system

The real zinger though? It contains powerful ingredients that actually work. 

The big hitters in the mix are InnovaTea and Tibetan Cordyceps which work together to re energize your cells, boost energy production, and help muscle recovery.

InnovaTea is the high purity natural caffeine source for Preworkout+, extracted from fermented tea leaves, which has been found to improve focus and alertness, speed up reaction times, reduce fatigue, and increase endurance. While Tibetan Cordyceps is a potent fungus found in the Himalayan plateaus which was used in ancient Tibet to treat fatigue.

Those powerhouses are joined by Ashwagandha for increased testosterone, muscle strength, and endurance, DMG (an amino acid) for a boost to overall wellness and vitality, and Beetroot powder for improved blood flow, lower blood pressure, and increased exercise performance. 

All these amazing ingredients work together to give you everything you need to power through your workouts with more energy, more focus, and superhero strength.

And when you take it as part of an all-round wellbeing system alongside Immunity+ there’ll be no stopping you.


Asystem bruce wayne system

You can’t save Gotham city if you’re stuck in bed with the flu, so give your immune system a huge boost with this formula from Asystem.

When you take two capsules a day for at least 6 weeks you’ll start to notice that you don’t get sick as often, and when you do succumb to a bug or virus it’ll be less severe and you’ll feel better much quicker than before.

This is thanks to the unique formulation in Immunity+ built around the key, clinically-backed ingredient ElderMune. This highly innovative ingredient has been shown to help activate the immune response, boost your ability to fight off infections and help you recover quickly.

The other key ingredient in Immunity+ is Sunfiber which is a prebiotic fiber that works to support a healthy gut and helps our bodies absorb key nutrients. And with 70% of the immune system located in the gut it’s vital to keep that first line of defense happy and healthy.

For even more immune-boosting power the formula contains Chaga and Agarikon, two powerful mushrooms known as ‘the elixir of long life’. They’ve been used for hundreds of years to boost immunity thanks to their high levels of antioxidants. 

And for any allergy sufferers the formula also has stinging nettle extract which have been found to block histamine receptors and stop immune cells from releasing the chemicals that trigger allergy symptoms.

Build up a routine of taking Immunity+ every day and using Preworkout+ before you head to the gym and you can say so long to the sniffles and be fighting fit for whatever life throws your way. 

Buy the Bruce Wayne system

The Bruce Wayne system gives you a tin each of the Preworkout+ capsules and the Immunity+ capsules, each containing 30 servings and you can grab it for $85 from the Asystem website. If you use our Asystem discount code GF25, you can get 25% off all your purchases on the Asystem website.

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