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What Happened When How To Beast Tried The Andrew Huberman Morning Routine

Popular YouTuber with over 1.5 million subscribers, How to Beast shares his experience after trying Andrew Huberman’s morning routine, giving it a solid ten over ten. While the routine involved getting up at 6:30 a.m., earlier than he usually would, How To Beast was determined to follow through with Huberman’s routine.

According to Huberman, the first thing he does after waking is to take a glass of water with sea salt, after which he goes for a ten-minute walk outside to get natural sunlight. Following this routine, How To Beast shared how the walk-in natural light woke him up better than a cold shower, with Huberman stating it also aids in better sleep at night.

I Tried Andrew Huberman's Morning Routine

After the walk, How To Beast hopped in the shower for a quick cold bath, following it up with athletics greens, a combo of herbs like tonga and ashwagandha. According to Huberman’s routine, you want to avoid going through social media and handling important tasks like going through your email. Huberman also recommends avoiding caffeine for 90 minutes after you wake up as it causes afternoon crashes.

How To Beast followed this routine, noticing that avoiding going through his phone while working out gave him better results. For lunch, Huberman recommended a heavy meal, which How To Beast also followed, after which he observed a yoga nidra meditation for 30 minutes as recommended by Huberman.

After a full day of following Huberman’s routine, How To Beast noticed he got more work done and felt better, rating the routine a 10. 

Andrew Huberman is a podcaster and neuroscientist associate professor of neurobiology at Stanford University.

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