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The Bryan Johnson Anti-Aging Workout Explained

While we all quite like the idea of turning back the clock and holding on to our youth for as long as possible, there’s no one who’s taken the whole thing quite as far as Bryan Johnson with his anti-aging workout.

The 45 year old tech CEO is well and truly obsessed with staying young, and he’s spent the last few years (and millions of dollars) refining his blueprint for the rest of us to follow.

Exercise is at the heart of what Johnson does to stay young, and in a recent video on his YouTube channel he walks us through his daily exercise protocol that he follows to slow his speed of aging and maintain optimal health.

My Complete Anti-Aging Workout

The hour-long workout includes backwards sled pulls, tricep extensions, hip flexor stretches, chin ups, and works pretty much every single body part. Some of the moves focus on improving posture, which Johnson explains also helps with blood flow around the body. While other moves work on flexibility and strength.

Johnson really does walk you through every exercise in his workout, so if you fancy giving it a try for yourself you can quite easily follow along with him. And honestly, if it really can help slow down the aging process it has to be worth a try right?!

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