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The Treadmill Joe Rogan Uses

The Treadmill Joe Rogan Uses That You Need To Own

Cheating yourself in the gym while no one is watching is too easy, and unless you’re David Goggins, your body and mind’s natural reaction to the pain of exercise is to find an easy way out. 

Unfortunately, it’s far too simple to tap out on the treadmill. By punching a couple of buttons you can bring yourself back down to a snail’s pace with barely any incline, or follow one of the leisurely pre-set programmes designed for any fitness level.

If you want to say goodbye to repetitive and boring treadmill workouts then let me introduce you to the AssaultRunners by AssaultFitness: The treadmill Joe Rogan himself uses.. 

The AssaultRunners are a new breed of running machines that are completely athlete-powered, meaning you’re in control of your stride, speed and output. 

They’ve gained a number of high-profile users and fans such as legendary American commentator and podcast host Joe Rogan – and for good reason. 

The treadmills have been helping people take their training back into their own hands. So, if that interests you, here’s our breakdown of the AssaultRunner treadmills.

The AssaultRunner Family 

treadmill joe rogan uses

AssaultFitness has developed two cutting-edge machines to suit both your budget and needs. The first of which, the AssaultRunner Pro, is designed to help you meet and exceed your fitness goals. 

While other motorized treads make it easy to ‘zone out’, the AssaultRunner Pro constantly demands your full attention and requires nothing less than 100% effort. It’s also equipped with built-in training programs to help keep your workouts fresh and track your progress.

It burns more calories than motorized treadmills, meaning you’re getting more out of your workouts in less time. Plus, the low-impact design significantly reduces the risk of injury. 

Its intelligent onboard programs target time, calories, distance, speed, watts, pace, and heart rate, while Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity allows you to sync up your devices. 

We get it, finding space for gym equipment, however good it may be, can be challenging. That’s why the team at AssaultFitness engineered the AssaultRunner Pro to have one of the smallest footprints of any home treadmill. 

AssaultRunner Elite Treadmill Review | Assault Fitness Curved Treadmill

With built-in transport wheels, an easy-to-read console display, and no electric plug-in required, the AssaultRunner Pro is user-friendly and painless to use, move, and store no matter where you train.

Priced at $2,990, it’s also the cheaper model of the two. But make no mistake, this isn’t a downgraded option by any stretch of the imagination. 

However, AssaultFitness has dubbed the AssaultRunner Elite as “the most powerful and personalized manual treadmill ever created”. Brand new and crafted to meet the needs of professional athletes, and commercial owners alike, securing one of these would be a serious statement of intent that you’re ready to take your training to the next level. 

So, what’s different? Engineered to naturally mimic above-ground running, the AssaultRunner Elite allows athletes to test the limits of their training while also promoting proper running form and technique. The non-motorized design means that you are always in control of your speed, making this the perfect treadmill for runners of all skill levels. But remember what I said earlier – no slacking off!

The AssaultRunner Elite features a shock-absorbent belt and limitless speed capabilities. It is also fitted with a host of practical additions such as dual water bottle holders, large side panels for easy foot placement, a multifunctional center storage compartment, and a UV-resistant console that connects to the AssaultFitness app.

treadmill joe rogan uses

Built for the long run, if you’ll pardon the pun, AssaultFitness beefed up the AssaultRunner Elite with commercial-grade, non-slip hand grips, a rust-resistant top coat, and a lifetime belt warranty to ensure years of hardcore use. 

When you consider all of that is included for $3,499, down from $3,999, it starts to look like an absolute steal. I personally found it to be a truly unique running experience, and I didn’t reach that awkward point of being too fast for one setting but not quick enough for another. 

While sprint training I ran as hard and fast as I could and didn’t have to worry about messing around with any controls. But don’t just take my word for it. 

Do you remember me telling you Joe Rogan was a fan? Yeah, well he said: “I love those damn things… the AssaultRunner. It’s amazing.”

Meanwhile, an Endurance Coach and Ironman Competitor, Chris Hinshaw said: “I’ve seen the most beginner-level athletes hop on the AssaultRunner, and it puts them immediately in proper running form.”

How Can You Get the Treadmill Joe Rogan Uses?

treadmill joe rogan uses

To upgrade your workout today and buy one of these elite treadmills, visit the AssaultFitness website.

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