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More Hair Naturally Review

The Only More Hair Naturally Review You Will Ever Need To Read

Thinning hair and hair loss is an issue that affects men and women of all ages and can have a huge impact on their confidence, self-image, and overall sense of well-being.

It’s becoming an even bigger issue now with more and more people reporting hair loss as a long-lasting symptom of Covid-19.

A lot of the old remedies for thinning hair involved chemicals and drugs that have potential side effects and were designed so that you had to keep on using them for long-lasting results.

More Hair Naturally Review

Luckily there’s a company that has taken a different, pretty revolutionary approach to tackle hair loss – More Hair Naturally.

They’ve developed a line of products that are all designed to repair your scalp, stop hair loss, and stimulate new hair growth.

How We Have Reinvented The Hair Loss Industry

The More Hair Naturally range is made up of five amazing products that you can use alone or together to get the best results for your particular situation and requirements.

The five products are:

  • More Hair Naturally 9
  • Hair & Scalp Synergy
  • Triple Stem Cell Shampoo
  • The Conditioner
  • Nutrient Rich Scalp Exfoliator

Let’s take a closer look at the different products.

More Hair Naturally Review

More Hair Naturally 9

This is your first port of call on the way to fighting thinning hair.

It’s a specially formulated spray that you apply to the areas of your scalp where the hair is thinning. Then gently massage the product in for 30 seconds and you’re done.

More Hair Naturally Review

More Hair Naturally 9 is designed to be used by both men and women and is quick and easy to add to your daily routine.  

It’s made with three different types of stem cells, three all-natural peptide complexes, probiotic plant extracts, Redensyl, Baicapil, and Capixyl. When these powerful ingredients are combined they work to repair the scalp and help promote healthier, thicker, and stronger-looking hair growth.

More Hair Naturally 9 is $125 per bottle, and each bottle should last 1-2 months. 

Hair & Scalp Synergy

If you want to kick things up a gear then Hair & Scalp Synergy will do just that. It’s been designed to be used both as a stand-alone product to help your hair and scalp flourish and as a partner to the More Hair Naturally 9 to boost your results.

You use it in exactly the same way as the More Hair Naturally 9, just spray it on, massage it in, and away you go.

Hair & Scalp Synergy contains amazing innovative ingredients like root culture from Basil plants which helps increase collagen production on the scalp, and extracts from pea sprouts which help improve hair density and prolong the life cycle of hair.

The product has been designed to really step things up in the fight against thinning hair, by combining ingredients that activate and ignite the spark that brings your hair and scalp back to life.

Hair & Scalp Synergy is $125 per bottle, and each bottle should last 1-2 months. 

Triple Stem Cell Shampoo

If you’re going to the effort of building a new routine with the More Hair Naturally 9 and Hair & Scalp Synergy sprays, then you’ll want to support that with shampoo that has also been designed to promote healthy hair growth.

And that’s exactly what the Triple Stem Cell Shampoo is here for.

The shampoo contains no harsh chemicals and is gentle enough to use every day with all hair types. It’s made with natural stem cells from ginseng, argan, and bamboo, as well as extracts from sunflowers, sweet almonds, wild cherry bark, and coconut.

It works to repair and restore the hair shaft which helps to increase the hair’s volume, sheen, and overall health.

A 5oz bottle is $49 and lasts most users 1-3 months.

The Conditioner

Working hand in hand with the Triple Stem Cell Shampoo, this conditioner works to restore shine and bounce to damaged hair.

It’s made with natural ingredients including seaweed which is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids, and meadowfoam which is known for its moisturizing and conditioning properties.

You can even mix some of this conditioner with a little water in a spray bottle and then mist it onto your hair as a leave-in conditioner to add a layer of protection when you’re swimming or spending time out in the sun.

A 4oz bottle costs $24 and should last 1-3 months.

More Hair Naturally Review

Nutrient Rich Scalp Exfoliator

For a wonderful deep clean experience try More Hair Naturally’s Nutrient Rich Scalp Exfoliator.

It uses finely ground European olive seeds combined with sodium hyaluronate to remove buildup and impurities and rehydrate the scalp.

You can use the exfoliator once or twice a week in the shower and it works brilliantly on its own and in combination with the other products to boost your hair health.

A 4oz bottle costs $49.

All About Stem Cells

One thing that makes More Hair Naturally stand out from other products you might have tried in the past for hair loss and thinning, is that they use stem cells.

More Hair Naturally 9 uses three different types of stem cells that were carefully chosen for the way they help with healing the follicle, hair, and scalp.

The first type is Adipose-Derived Stem Cells, which are donated by adult humans and come from their fat cells. Not to be confused with the controversial embryonic stem cells.

The second type is Mtn. Ginseng Root stem cells are able to adapt to specific stem cell reproduction, and the third is from Bamboo Sprouts. Scientists believe that bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on earth thanks to its rapid stem cell production. So More Hair Naturally uses these stem cells in an ‘overall’ design to help speed up the process of hair recovery.

How long does More Hair Naturally take to work?

More Hair Naturally may be super effective at fighting thinning hair, but it’s not an overnight cure. 

Most people find that it takes between three and six months to start seeing results, with those who take a more aggressive approach and use a combination of their products regularly seeing results more quickly.

After six months hair growth normally starts to improve and people really start to see the results. At this point, you can move to a ‘maintenance’ phase for a few months before checking out your results and deciding if you need to carry on using More Hair Naturally or not.

A helping hand along the way

One thing we really love about More Hair Now is their hands-on approach to customer service. They really care about making sure you get the right products and follow the right routine for your particular needs so you can start to get your confidence back.

Before you even buy a thing you can have a free consultation with their experts to talk through your situation. During this chat, they’ll get to the root cause of your hair loss and help you decide what products to use to start fighting back.

And if you need more help along the way you can give them a call with any queries, questions, or concerns you might have.

There are so many reviews on the More Hair Naturally website from customers who are thrilled with their results after using the products. And the pictures they’ve included speak for themselves, showing a huge difference in hair growth and thickness.

If you’ve tried other brands in the past and not seen any results, then it might be time to give More Hair Naturally a try.

Their product range has reinvented the whole industry’s approach to thinning hair, with no drugs, no side effects, and no need to keep using the products indefinitely.

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