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keto brainz nootropic creamer

Power Up Your Day With Keto Brainz Nootropic Creamer

What would you say if we told you that you could get your day off to an amazing start and power through all the tasks on your to-do list simply by adding one extra ingredient to your morning coffee?!

Tell you more? OK! 

Adding a scoop of Keto Brainz Nootropic Creamer to your cup of coffee can get you into an amazing state of flow, whether you’re hitting the gym, studying hard, or juggling projects at work. If you use our 20% discount code OWNTHEDAY on checkout, even better!

The creamer contains coconut milk powder for a delicious taste and 4 powerful nootropics to sharpen your focus, calm your thoughts, reduce brain fog, and increase ketone production.

Those special ingredients are C8 MCT, AlphaGPC, L-Theanine, and Lion’s Mane Mushroom. Let’s take a closer look at their benefits:

The Excellent Benefits of Keto Brainz Nootropic Creamer

keto brainz nootropic creamer


Each serving of Keto Brainz Nootropic Creamer gives you 8g of C8 MCT, a purified form of coconut oil that’s known to help clear up brain fog and improve cognitive function. It’s also been found to fight Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline as a result of aging.

On top of that, C8 MCT is converted into Ketones in the liver, and these ketones then cross the blood-brain barrier to quickly supply your brain with fuel. In fact, C8 MCT can almost double the ketone energy in a healthy brain, which in turn helps you stay sharp and focused.


AlphaGPC works to increase the brain’s production of Acetylcholine, a brain chemical that’s essential for memory, learning, and focus.  

Taking an AlphaGPC supplement also helps to increase dopamine production and has even been shown to have a significant positive impact on growth hormone.


This amino acid which is found in green and black tea works to increase GABA, a neurotransmitter which produces a calming effect in the brain, and triggers the release of alpha brain waves to bring about more relaxation, creativity, and focus.

When you combine L-Theanine with caffeine you get an extra boost in focus and attention, but without the jitters that often come with consuming caffeine.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Lion’s Mane is a medicinal mushroom with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which increase blood flow to the brain, reduce brain fog, and boost cognitive performance.

This supplement also fuels the creation of nerve growth factor, a protein that stimulates the production of new nerve cells as well as strengthening existing ones. 

How to take Keto Brainz Nootropic Creamer

Dom D'Agostino on His Favorite Supplements!

It couldn’t be easier to get all the benefits of the formula – just add one scoop of the powder to your favorite hot drink and give it a mix, ideally with a handheld frother. Lots of people opt to add the creamer to their morning cup of coffee, but you can also whisk it into hot chocolate or add it to your matcha or your favorite tea.

If you just need a boost in the morning to get your brain in gear and set you up right for the day then you can add the creamer to your morning drink to start your day with amazing focus and clarity. But if you want you can also use Keto Brains Nootropic Creamer at other times of the day, whenever you need that extra edge.

Keto Brainz recommends that you start with one serving a day and see how you feel on it, then build up to 2 or 3 servings a day if you want to.

Living the keto life and wondering if taking the creamer will break your fast and affect your results? 

Well, while the folks at Keto Brainz recognize that the creamer comes in at around 100 calories per serving so does technically break a fast, they use it every morning and don’t consider it to be a fast breaker.  

And if you’re not following a keto diet you can still use the creamer and enjoy all the brain-boosting benefits it offers.

A 30-serving packet of Keto Brainz Nootropic Creamer costs just $39.99 when you buy it as a one-off purchase, but if you set up a monthly subscription you can save substantially.

You can also get 20% off your creamer by using the discount code OWNTHEDAY at the checkout. Visit the Keto Brainz website now to shop.

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