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Our Top Picks From Bradley Martyn’s Apparel Line Raw Gear

You know when you’re at the gym, and you see the biggest guy in there, you feel mixed emotions; jealousy, admiration, and quite possibly awe.

Well, have you ever seen Bradley Martyn?

He is f**king enormous. You’ll see him on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok at some point, I’ve only ever seen a guy with muscles like that a few times, and in the mirror….

Bradley is a fitness influencer, content creator, gym owner, entrepreneur, and clothing designer. Let’s get into that clothing!

Raw Gear. Bradley Martyn has created a versatile and exciting clothing brand. There are some staple pieces in here but there are some wildcards too, let’s jump into what we’ve got, I’ll take you through it all and then we will have a nice little chat about everything.


As soon as you jump onto the website, you are greeted by the Varsity collection, the new line that definitely catches your eye. Bright colors and bold designs based around Varsity gear will make you stand out in the gym, although I can see this being worn to the mall or even down the beach. 

The baseball jersey and the basketball shorts would make a great combo, with the letterman jacket on top if it’s cold. My favorites are the basketball shorts, I think they’d look sick with a tank on top in the summer. All of these pieces come in 3 colors, apart from the cap which comes in 5, the 3 colors for the jersey, shorts, and jacket are green, blue, and red. The shorts are sick in blue but the jersey looks clean in green.

Let’s have a look at the men’s gear.

Men’s Gear

The Essentials Tank

raw gear

Straight away you see what you’d expect, some classic black joggers, a basic oversized hoodie, a plain tee, etc. Bradley actually calls it the Standard Issue collection, you know what you’re getting, there’s no need to pretend it’s something it’s not, it’s well-fitted, comfy, good-quality gear.

There’s also an essential collection, with items like the sleeveless and the tee. You can pick up your classic stringers and tanks too, everyone needs a plain vest, especially with summer on the way, get the guns out. The Essentials tank has really cool graphic writing down one side too, check it out here

Why don’t we go a bit more adventurous?

Vintage Shorts

raw gear

I’m looking at the Vintage sweats, shorts, and hoodies. These look hard. They look like tie-dye mixed with distressed but also they have to be seen, all come in 3 colors and are different from anything I’ve seen before. If I were to pick one of these, I’d have to go with the shorts, the sun is out right now so I’m drawn to them…they’re just sick! Check them out here.

Potentially my favorite collection is the Anime items; Titan shorts, hollow anime sweats, Naru sweats, and the Titan oversized tees. If you like to stand out with bright colors, these are the bits for you, we are talking bright yellow, green, white, pale brown, red, etc. I have literally just ordered a pair of the Titan shorts as they would look so sick with an oversized tee at the gym or just to wear in general. I mean, click that link below and you’ll know what I’m talking about…

Titan Shorts

raw gear

There are genuinely too many items to go through for menswear and I won’t bore you by listing every item, but honorable mentions go to the Rage hoodies, big back graphics sit upon cool pastel colors, and I could definitely wear them day-to-day. Also, the hats, if you know Bradley Martyn you’ll know he loves a hat, this shows at Raw Gear because the hats are unreal. Have a look at the hoodie though, so cool. 

Check them out here.

Rage Hoodie

Ladies’ Gear

Don’t think I forgot about you. Raw Gear has some of my favorite women’s pieces on the market.

Women Crop Hoodie

raw gear

The pack logo cropped hoodie is where I’ll start, the colors are lovely, we are talking black, off-white, and powder purp. These are the perfect crops for the colder nights and covering the bicep pump before you want to do the big gun show reveal. Check out the women’s crop hoodie here.

I love the RG essential mesh shorts, these aren’t something you see every day, my fiance just wears booty shorts and leggings but again, has purchased these shorts. If you aren’t always about the tight bottoms then these are for you, comfy, airy, and really cool. There are some eye-popping color combos on these shorts; brown and pink, lime green and black, navy and white. I have to tell you to go check these shorts out because in summer they could be the best choice.

I haven’t even mentioned the obvious, crop tops, booty shorts, sports bras, and leggings because I think they speak for themselves. The fit is figure-hugging has really cool designs or just basic if you’d rather that, and has good prices, on the Raw Gear website right now you can grab high-rise shorts on sale for $14.99 and a sick cut-out sports bra for $14.99.

Yet, my favorite thing on this website isn’t the clothes or the prices, it’s the videos. When you check out Raw Gear you’ll see they have videos of models at the gym and outside in the clothes, this is so much more useful to me than just someone standing in a picture against a white background. In these vids you can see how the clothes move, how they sit on someone’s body, and how they look in the gym, it’s just a really smart addition that I think many brands could use.

The clothes are sick, the prices are great, the website is amazing, you need to go check out Raw Gear.

Visit the website here now to shop.

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