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bradley martyn vs noelle leyva

Noelle Responds To Bradley Martyn 

The drama between Noelle Leyva and Bradley Martyn doesn’t look like it’ll be dying down anytime soon!

In fact, Noelle has recently dropped a 3-part series of TikToks where she breaks down her side of the story on what’s gone down between the two of them.

Even though she doesn’t actually name Bradley in her videos, it’s clear who she’s talking about as she tells the story of how she came to sign a contract with him. Keen to set a few things straight, Noelle starts by explaining that, despite what he might claim, she wasn’t a complete unknown when she signed with Martyn. In fact, she’d already built a pretty decent following and it was Martyn who approached her offering to manage her and build her career further.


Noelle also discusses the fact that Only Fans had never crossed her mind until he convinced her that it would be a great platform for her to grow both her brand and her income (of which he would get a pretty whopping 30%).

One of the biggest issues for her seems to be that once her income increased with OF, Martyn kind of dropped off the radar, only checking in with her occasionally and not really doing much in the way of management.

Ultimately though, the beef between the pair comes down to the fact that Noelle broke her contract which, obviously, Martyn wasn’t happy about. But with Noelle revealing right at the end of her video that his lawsuit has been dropped, maybe there’s a bit more to this story than either of them are telling us!

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