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logan paul calls out bradley martyn

Logan Paul Vows To ‘Humble’ Bradley Martyn After Jake Paul Comments 

`Logan Paul has vowed to ‘humble’ Bradley Martyn after comments the bodybuilder made about his brother Jake during an episode of Raw Talk.

MMA legend Nate Diaz, who is due to fight Jake Paul in Texas next month, was one of the latest guests to join Martyn in the studio for his hit podcast. 

During their chat, the YouTuber said he hopes Nate will ‘beat Jake’s ass’, before claiming he could overcome Diaz in a street fight. 

Naturally, such comments weren’t gratefully received by Logan, who clapped back at Martyn while speaking on his own podcast, IMPAULSIVE. 

He said: “I gotta say something about Bradley, I think you’re getting lame as a person, or you’re someone who’s just searching for clicks. 

“He had Nate Diaz, who my brother is fighting on August 5, on his podcast. And in the same sentence, he’s like, ‘yeah, I’m cool with Jake, I like Jake, you know I just hope you beat his ass, I wanna see him get his ass beat, I wanna see him get turned into a meme.’

“Why Bradley? You’re cool with us, he’s in the family, and you even said yourself you like him. Why say that? Are you searching for clicks?

“Even the way you’re talking about street fighting Nate. Like bro, you’re not going to beat Nate Diaz in a street fight… I think it’s lame.”

Nate Diaz Predicts Outcome Of Fight vs Jake Paul

Making a spectacular offer to Martyn, he continued: “Bradley, you’ve got to be humbled. That’s what you need and it doesn’t sound like you’ve had it yet, and I will invite you to Puerto Rico to spar with me and be humbled.” 

Martyn has yet to accept Logan’s offer, but if he does it could be the perfect preparation for Logan’s rumoured return to the ring in October

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