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My Honest Natural Cycles Review

I’ve been on the lookout for a birth control method that aligns with my lifestyle and recently, I came across Natural Cycles. And guess what? If you’re considering giving it a try, I’ve got a sweet deal for you – use the Natural Cycles code GYMFLUENCERS to save 15% off your order.

So, what’s the deal with Natural Cycles? It’s a hormone-free, science-backed birth control method that works by tracking your body temperature. As someone who’s big on working out and staying healthy, the idea of a natural method really appealed to me. Plus, understanding my body better? Sign me up!

How It Works

natural cycles birth control app

Natural Cycles uses an algorithm powered by your body temperature to determine your fertility status each day. You simply measure your temperature first thing in the morning, log it in the NC° app, and the app tells you if it’s a Green Day (not fertile) or a Red Day (use protection). The science behind it is fascinating – our hormones cause our body temperature to rise around ovulation, and by tracking this, Natural Cycles can pinpoint where you are in your cycle.

Personalized to Your Body

What I love about this method is how it tailors to your unique cycle. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. The app confirms and even predicts ovulation based on your body’s patterns. Over time, as the algorithm gets to know you better, you get more Green Days.

Inside the App

natural cycles review

The NC° app is super user-friendly. It clearly shows your fertility status each day and lets you track and monitor physical and emotional symptoms. It’s like having a little health diary in your pocket. You can also switch between preventing or planning pregnancy without extra cost, which is great for flexibility.


Now, let’s talk effectiveness. Natural Cycles is 93% effective with typical use and 98% effective with perfect use. While no birth control method is 100% foolproof, these numbers are pretty reassuring, especially for a hormone-free option.

My Experience

natural cycles

I’ve been using Natural Cycles for a few months now, and I’m genuinely impressed. It’s made me more aware of my body and my cycle, which is invaluable as someone who’s all about health and fitness. Plus, the peace of mind of using a natural method is a big bonus.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a hormone-free birth control method that’s backed by science, Natural Cycles might be worth checking out. And don’t forget, you can get 15% off with the code GYMFLUENCERS. Here’s to taking control of your health in more ways than one! Visit the Natural Cycles website here now to get started.

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