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Bulletproof High Achiever Pods

Lion’s Mane In Coffee? Bulletproof High Achiever Pods Will Kickstart Your Day

Coffee, where would we be without it? 

For many of us it’s the lifeblood that keeps us going and, some days, it feels like more of a necessity than water. Whether it’s powering a workout or simply providing the willpower to make it through a monotonous meeting at work, caffeine does God’s work for our daily motivation. 

Bulletproof High Achiever Pods

The only problem is, past providing a richly-needed boost in times where energy is at a premium, it doesn’t offer a great deal else nutritionally. 

That’s where Bulletproof comes in. The brand’s team have devised an enhanced coffee blend which works as hard as you do – and it’s aptly named the High Achiever. 

What is enhanced coffee, I hear you ask? Enhanced coffee provides all the energy of a typical cup of coffee while being fortified with additional science-backed ingredients that offer benefits well beyond caffeination – including even more energy. 

Partly because I love nothing more than a good cup of coffee – but also because we like to pick and test the best products on the market so you don’t have to – I’ve sipped my way through a box of these pods. 

Here’s my hot take, if you’ll pardon the pun. 

Bulletproof High Achiever Coffee

Before we get into the taste, let’s take a look at what makes this product stand out from the rest. To start with, if you’re looking for a bit of a bite from your morning brew, then these pods are definitely worth picking up. One of the key ingredients to Bulletproof’s formula is Lion’s Mane. 

No, not that kind of Lion’s Mane – rather the furry fungus which I’m sure is considerably safer to harvest. A science-backed dose of the mushroom is shown to cognition and brain power so you can conquer your to-do list. 

The Bulletproof Difference: The Clean Coffee Process

The High Achiever is further enriched with 71mg of coffeeberry, a stone fruit and natural source of caffeine, and B Vitamins which support healthy energy levels throughout the day. 

If you’re someone who takes a keen interest in your environmental impact, I’m sure you will have been relieved to discover these pods don’t actually contain the hair of a poor dishevelled lion. 

You’ll be equally pleased to know the coffee beans are hand-picked and sustainably sourced from small Rainforest Alliance Certified farms which give back to their community. Additional testing also takes place on every shipment of the green coffee beans to make sure you’re sipping on nothing but the best.

Bulletproof High Achiever Nutritional Information

Each Bulletproof High Achiever Pod contains double the amount of caffeine as a normal cup of coffee, returning 400mg for every brew. Double the energy doesn’t mean double the caffeine, however. Bulletproof’s macro-friendly blend is zero calories and packed with extra perks such as Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B12 and Pantothenic Acid. 

Bulletproof High Achiever Pods

Bulletproof High Achiever Pods Review

The pods looked great when they arrived and the design on the packaging was crisp and clean. I know, for many people, the branding doesn’t matter all that much. But I personally like everything in my kitchen to add to the aesthetic, especially when I’m Instagramming my brunch. 

Although I love mushrooms, I was slightly apprehensive about having too much of an earthy flavour in my coffee. But I can honestly say I didn’t get a single unwelcome undertone. I found the blend to be rich and smooth and it worked great with a pump of caramel syrup. 

I’ve been struggling to get the same benefit from caffeine recently and have been considering detoxing from it for a while as it just wasn’t giving me the boost it used to. However, this coffee may have just changed my mind. 

I had a cup before I hit my legs and I didn’t want the workout to end. Don’t get me wrong, I was by no means a pre-workout level of buzzed – you aren’t going to punch through the photocopier at work. But I did feel a nice surge of energy which makes training that bit easier.

The pods are compatible with Keurig® single-serve brewers, but you can also grab yourself the ground coffee instead if you haven’t got the right kit.

Bulletproof High Achiever Pods Cost

A box of 24 pods costs $26.24, which works out to just over a dollar per coffee. If you’re someone that finds yourself in Starbucks every day you could save yourself a small fortune with these beauties. You need to get after them!

Bulletproof Discount

Use our Bulletproof Discount Code GF25 to save 25% off the entire range Here.

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