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Jesse James West

Jesse James Reveals The Gym With A $10,000 Membership

Jesse James West has been hitting a whole load of gyms in his latest YouTube video, including one with a $10,000 membership option.

The gym is Seven Gym, one of the excellent gyms in Dubai, and West takes his 2.24 million subscribers on a bit of a tour of the place to see if it’s worth paying out $10,000 a year for the membership.

The short answer? If you have the cash then it’s an awesome place to spend it.

I Bought Cheapest vs Most Expensive Gym Membership!

It’s one of the most fitness and health orientated gyms out of all the different ones Jesse visited, and he was visibly impressed by the size of the place and the variety, quality, and quantity of the equipment there.

All the gym-goers that he talks with in the video agree that it’s well worth paying for membership there, for the equipment on offer as well as the overall vibe of the gym.

What really swings it for West though is all the extras you get as part of your membership. I mean, who wouldn’t want unlimited massages and access to a Cryo room with ice baths for an awesome way to recover from a hard gym session?

Check out more of Jesse James West’s content on his YouTube channel.

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