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New Zoo Culture

Bradley Martyns New Zoo Culture Gym Set To Open Early 2023

American powerhouse Bradley Martyn has revealed when he is set to launch his new Zoo Culture Gym in Los Angeles, California.

Zoo Culture Gym

The fitness OG tweeted earlier this year to confirm Zoo Culture would be upsizing after a successful start to life in the City of Angels.

He said: “Just signed a new lease for Zoo Culture, moving our existing gym to a larger location off Ventura in Encino…super fkin excited.”

Once again taking to Twitter to update his 263,000-strong following, Martyn said the facility is due to welcome fitness enthusiasts in January.

He also teased at the possibility of further spots in and outside of California. He added: “I’m excited to continue the LA expansion this year. Any other spots in Cali we NEED to open?”


The owner of RAWGEAR followed up by launching a poll titled ‘new zoo culture project’, with Miami and Texas as the two options. 

Unsurprisingly the post attracted scores of replies from people keen to see Zoo Culture head out of state. Some 2,517 people voted in the poll, with Texas running out the comfortable winner.

It’s not yet clear whether Martyn will follow up on the result by showing concrete interest in taking the thriving gym to The Lone Star State, or whether it was just a publicity stunt to drum up interest for the new Los Angeles project. 

But either way, it’s an exciting time to be part of the Zoo Culture clan. 

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