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Ghost Strawbango

Ghost Strawbango Is The Greatest Energy Drink Of All Time

Is there anything better than a collaboration with your favorite energy drink and your favorite entrepreneur and fitness YouTuber – who also owns the Sour Strips candy store? Of course not! That’s why the Ghost Strawbango Margarita is so amazing. 

Ghost Energy and Maxx Chewning worked together to create a mind-blowing mash-up of the strawberry and mango margarita flavors which not only gives you a great boost of energy but is also absolutely delicious to drink! Once you’ve tried it, you won’t be able to put it down!

More about Maxx Chewning

Maxx Chewning loves sour candy as much as he adores dead-lifting and his overall fitness. This is why Ghost Energy’s collaboration with him makes so much sense. As someone who knows what candy should taste like, Maxx Chewning’s expertise has made mango and strawberry go together so well in this drink. 

Anyone that tries Ghost Strawbango will undoubtedly know that it was made with careful consideration to the taste and aftertaste of the drink. With the help of Ghost Energy, this flavor bomb in a can is certainly worth a second, third, and even fourth sip!

Exploring the flavor of Ghost Strawbango

Ghost Strawbango Margarita Energy Drink Review; Limited edition flavor inspired by @maxxchewning

Strawberry and mango – did you think they would go together? Because they sure do! Not only is the energy drink mixed extremely well, but there is a complex flavor beyond strawberries and mangoes, with a hint of citrus to surprise your taste buds. Like any margarita, there’s a touch of saltiness to the drink as well! 

Not only does Ghost Energy’s “Strawbango Margarita” taste great, but it also packs a punch with its vitamins. From Vitamin C and B6 to Vitamin B12 and B3 – a can of the Ghost Strawbango energy drink will wake you up and revitalize you! The nootropic ingredients and astragin will also deliver a sharper focus, helping with attention and concentration.

That’s why Strawbango Margarita goes so well with long drives, meetings, and workouts. The non-alcoholic margarita is bound to make every hour your happy hour! It helps keep you awake and energized while also providing a healthy dose of vitamins – and it tastes great at the same time! 

Of course, Ghost Strawbango Margarita is amazing with whatever you’re eating – especially when it’s a hearty feast of burgers, tacos, or burrito bowls.

Ghost Strawbango: A Limited Mash-up

Ghost Strawbango

The Ghost Energy and Maxx Chewning collaboration is going to be a limited product, so you better snag it off the shelves wherever you see it! Once you get a taste for the Strawbango Margarita, this epic mash-up will certainly be in your top 5 best-tasting energy drinks! 

A can of this amazing margarita is zero sugar and zero protein as well – so you can drink without a worry while getting a great helping of vitamins and other ingredients to keep you focused. Before it’s gone, make sure to have a sip – it will undoubtedly make you want more.

Nothing good lasts forever, which is why the Ghost Strawbango Margarita is a must for everyone who likes adventure and trying out new things, especially when they taste amazing. For sure – the punch of vitamins, caffeine, and nootropic focus ingredients will help keep you awake and concentrated, while the wonderful taste stays with you for a long time!

Visit the Ghost website now and keep your fingers crossed that they have the Ghost Strawbango energy drink.

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