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lululemon Footwear

Everything You Need To Know About lululemon Footwear

lululemon is best known for its high-quality, super comfortable, and fashionable activewear. From leggings to sports bras, lululemon has you covered for all of your workout needs. All products are designed for athletes and are engineered with performance in mind.

Recently, lululemon has branched out into the footwear market. After innovating women’s apparel for over 20 years, lululemon decided that it was time to make its mark with footwear. Within the fitness industry, female products are often overlooked and researched less compared to male sportswear. This is why lululemon made it their mission to create a shoe designed just for women. They know that a female’s foot is different from a male’s foot and have made sure to put all their effort into researching the biomechanics, wearability, and customer satisfaction through a variety of tests and trials, ensuring they can provide the best possible footwear for females around the globe. 

lululemon Footwear

lululemon Footwear

lululemon is currently offering seven different shoes for a variety of different needs. Ranging from training shoes to running shoes and sliders, all bases are covered. lululemon’s running shoes offer a bouncy take-off and soft landing whereas their training shoes provide a lock-in sensation so that you feel secure throughout your workout. Prices range from $58 to $158 so there is a price for every budget. And if you’re not 100% sold, lululemon also offers a thirty-day trial, so if you’re not completely satisfied with your shoes after thirty days, you can return them for a full refund. 

Style Choices

lululemon offers a wide range of colors and styles. If bright colors are your thing then the ‘Chargefeel Low Women’s Workout Shoe’ and the ‘Blissfeel Women’s Running Shoe’ could be for you. However, if you prefer a neutral color palette, the ‘Chargefeel Mid Women’s Workout Shoe’ or the ‘Strongfeel Women’s Training Shoe’ could be your new favorite pair of shoes. Many of the shoes come in a mid or high-top style. lululemon strives to be inclusive of all women so there is something for everyone in this new range of footwear

lululemon Footwear

Gymfluencers Top Pick

Although difficult to decide on, Gymfluencers’ top pick from the range has to be the ‘Blissfeel Winter Women’s Running Shoe’. With a sole that absorbs impact and provides you with a soft and springy experience, this shoe is everything you need when running. If that wasn’t enough, the shoe is also designed with reflective strips to ensure the safety of every wearer in even the darkest conditions. The high-abrasion mesh upper helps protect your foot from all the elements to support you during wintry runs whilst the heel clip provides additional support and a locked-in feel so that you never need to worry about your shoes getting in the way of a good run. 

lululemon Footwear


Not only does this new range offer style, comfort, and practicality, but they have also been created with the environment at heart. Sustainability is a core value at lululemon, and they strive to make products that are better for both people and the planet. lululemon has adopted practices and has created solutions that enhance its products whilst contributing to restoring the environment by making products with sustainable materials. lululemon also wants to make waste a thing of the past. In the fashion, industry packaging is a huge contributing factor to the increase in global waste so lululemon has taken it upon itself to eliminate, reduce, reuse or recycle where possible. 

Their new range is set to be a fan-favorite, and with a range of styles, colors, and functions, they are set to be widely popular across the fitness industry!

Visit the lululemon website here to shop now.

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