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lululemon Down For It All Vest Review

Deck Your Run In Warmth With The Wonderful lululemon Down For It All Vest

OK, let’s face it…the dark cold nights are here and although we have mastered leggings, gloves, hats, and long sleeve tops we are still absolutely freezing and need something to keep us warm whilst running and that’s where the lululemon Down For It All Vest comes into play.

lululemon Down For It All Vest

Designed for running the lululemon Down For It All Vest offers a slim fit, hip length, water resistant, zone insulated, stretchy fleeced zip-over vest that will keep up with even the most grueling weather to make sure you hit your PRs, feel great, and look fantastic whilst doing it.

lululemon Down For It All Vest

The water-resistant Glyde Fabric is windproof, warm even when wet and DWR-treated to protect you from the elements. The 700-full-power goose down is lightweight but ensures warmth and don’t worry 100% of the down used in this product is certified to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS).

The lululemon Down For It All Vest features zippered hand pockets, and a hidden phone sleeve, and has reflective details which are vital when running in the dark.

Need To Knows

OK, so you are sold on your new lululemon Down For It All Vest…oh you’re not? Ok, let’s fill you in with some further details that you need to know.

Sizes available for women are 0,2,4,6,8,10,12 and 14 and in colors are Peri Purple, Carnation Red, Cassis, and Black.

lululemon Down For It All Vest

The amazing vests cost $148 but if you are a savvy shopper you will also see final sale color and size lines available starting from $89. The current Final Sale lululemon Down For It All Vest is available in Red Merlot Size 0, which if you are quick you can grab on their website Here.


Enough of all the specs now it’s time to see just how well the Down For It All vest performs when out running. We were fortunate enough to be able to personally wear the Peri Purple and wear it we did! Being a size 8 the fitting is confirmed true to size. It’s snug, feels great, and feels so much lighter than any vest I have ever worn.

lululemon Down For It All Vest

I put it over my long sleeve T-Shirt and hit the roads and of course, it was freezing and raining but I didn’t feel a thing. I got wet but still stayed warm and what I absolutely loved was seeing myself in shop windows with the reflective details doing their job. It’s a nice feeling running through streets in dark cold weather feeling the way I did. I usually lose motivation and end up speed walking but feeling and looking this good I just kept on going until I hit my 3KM goal.

Walking back home in the rain it definitely dawned on me the effect of also wearing something so premium for my runs and how it gave me a sense of achievement. This might sound silly for such an affordable incredible piece but for someone who usually throws a 5-year-old jumper on to run or a windbreaker that would fit a man three times my size I felt empowered, fantastic, and confident.

The lululemon Down For It All Vest is made for running and falls into the activewear niche but for me, this did more than help me stay warm and run. I finally felt great on a run and I will wear this for years to come. I think I might even also have to purchase this in Black for when I am more just casually shopping or walking through the upcoming Christmas markets…it looks fantastic for casualwear also!

You can view the lululemon Down For It All Vest on their website Here and view the full lululemon Winter Clothes Shop Here.

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