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Everything You Need To Know About Liver King

Liver King is the social media persona of Brian Johnson, a fitness influencer and self-titled “CEO of the ancestral lifestyle.” Since joining social media two years ago, he has been about his mandate, which, according to him, is to “honor our ancestors.” One of the ways Liver King does this is by consuming raw meats and encouraging his followers, whom he refers to as primal, to do the same.

Within a few years of his fitness-influencing career, Liver King has amassed a huge follower base on Instagram and YouTube. While his lifestyle and feeding routine videos may be sensational, his shredded physique and disheveled beard also garner attraction. Although he looks exactly like a bodybuilder, his overall appearance will no doubt remind you of primitive humans.

Several controversial arguments exist on social media about Liver King’s personality and professional values. Here, we unveil all there is to know about Liver King.

Liver King’s 9 Ancestral Tenets

Hunting with African Tribes | Liver King in Tanzania

In his attempt to mimic the lifestyle of early humans, Liver King recommends nine ancestral tenets by which he lives. From simple habits like getting enough exposure to sunlight to esoteric practices like eating raw meat, Liver King’s tenets have been considered enigmatic.

His nine ancestral tenets include:

1. Sleep adequately

2. Feed like a feral animal

3. Walk and lift heavy things

4. Shield yourself from toxins and radiation

5. Connect with nature.

6. Take contrast showers and cold plunges

7. Get enough sunlight

8. Fight for your life

9. Socialize

Liver King’s Steroids Saga

The Liver King Lie

Prior to the one-hour-long video released by popular YouTuber More Plates More Dates, Liver King had always claimed to be an all-natural man. He had always publicly claimed that he had nothing to do with steroids and that his muscular physique was a natural acquisition.

More Plates More Dates video included shreds of evidence of Liver King using steroids worth $12,000 monthly and emails containing blood test results and his conversations with his nutritionist about his use of steroids. After that, Liver King publicly admitted he had been taking 120mg of testosterone weekly and apologized to his followers for misleading them.

However, Liver Kin claims he had been taking the steroids under the management and supervision of a trained hormone clinician.

Liver King’s Net Worth

Liver King‘s financial prowess has grown exponentially over the past four years. His net worth in 2018 is equivalent to his annual income in 2022. Liver King gets his income from his fitness career as a bodybuilder through brand endorsements and sponsorship deals.

He owns his real estate and makes money from his wellness enterprise. His net worth is estimated to be $12 million.

Liver King’s Supplements, Products, and Energy Bars


🐰 Primals need to know… @Coelho Gigante Dois Irmãos

♬ original sound – Liver King

Liver King’s wellness enterprise, Ancestral Supplements, is popularly known for the manufacturing and sale of supplements and other wellness products. Liver King created Ancestral Supplements to restore what the modern world is missing regarding health and vitality by presenting nutrient-dense foods simply and consumable.

 Liver King’s supplements available for purchase include:

Grass Fed Brain

Grass Fed Brain is a formulation from Ancestral Supplements that helps boost the brain’s ability to focus while also optimizing memory and mood. The supplements are presented in capsules.

Grass Fed Collagen

Ancestral Supplements Grass Fed Collagen helps to support every connective tissue in your body, such as the joints, cartilage, skin, and even the hairs. Grass Fed Collagen is aimed at helping you boost your collagen levels as it reduces due to aging.

Grass Fed Beef Organs

A bottle of Grass Fed Beef Organs will help boost the health of your liver, kidneys, spleen, and pancreas.

Grass Fed Bone and Marrow

This supplement is beneficial for anyone experiencing aches after episodes of skeletal and muscular exertions.

Grass Fed Beef Heart

Grass Fed Beef Heart is a supplement for keeping the heart protected as you grow older.

Ancestral Starter Pack

Ancestral Starter Pack is a supplement for enhancing energy, digestive health, immune system, skin, and bones.

Grass Fed Beef Thyroid

With Grass Fed Beef Thyroid, you can harness the power of nature to revitalize your thyroid glands with proteins, cofactors, and enzyme formulations.

Liver King Bar

Liver King Bar is a hormone-optimizing snack bar with alpha foods and protein formulations to help conquer cravings and promote energy and satiety.

Liver King’s Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Liver King’s diet plan is based on principles such as focusing on nutrient-dense whole foods, relishing organ meats, loading up on protein, and taking in enough carbs and fats for energy supply.

His workout routine can be itemized as follows:

Monday: Full Body Workout

Tuesday: Rest Day with Cardio

Wednesday: Upper Body workout

Thursday: Workout for Flexibility

Friday: Arm Workout

Saturday: Rest Day with Light Activity

Sunday: Heavy Weight Workout

Liver King’s Age, Height, Weight

Liver King was born on April 7, 1977. Liver King weighs 186 pounds, and this is impressive for a bodybuilder. He also has a remarkable height that complements his overall physique. Liver King’s height is measured at 5 foot 7 inches.

Liver King’s Family and Nationality

Liver King was born in Austin, Texas. Growing up, he had a challenging upbringing and as a result of the several relocations, he had to cope with and the absence of a stable father figure. He is married to Barbara Johnson, AKA Liver Queen, a dentist and entrepreneur.

Wrapping Up

Liver King’s career and lifestyle is one that is unique and sensational. He has remained a model and motivation for his many followers on social media who are interested in abandoning an artificial life and seeking to reconnect with nature.

Despite the controversies over his use of steroids, his several clips on Instagram have demonstrated that he is true to his passion for naturalness and the lifestyle of the primitive man.

He has found a unique way to make archaic and ancient practices appear normal to humans, always stating that recovering the practices of “our ancestors” is the way to optimize our potential as humans.

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