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The Liver King PED Usage EXPOSED

The Liver King PED Usage EXPOSED

It’s game over for Brian Johnson aka The Liver King with leaked emails showing his full PED cycle which goes against everything he has denied this year. So sadly for those taking the Ancestral Supplements or eating raw liver you are not going to grow muscles as he did.

The Liver King PED Usage EXPOSED

Emails have been leaked widely and have been broken down by podcast legend, fitness influencer, and all-around good guy ‘more plates more dates’ where he details the doses taken by The Liver King to achieve his incredible physique.

The Liver King Lie

Leaked emails from liverking@ancenstralsupplements.com show a full business plan dating June 29th, 2021 where Brian outlines how many followers he will gain, what PEDs he is taking, and how he is spending $11,000 per month on this cycle. The Liver King PED cycle includes:

  1. Omnitrope
  2. Peptides
  3. IGF-1 LR
  4. CJC w/lmap
  5. Ibutamoren
  6. Test Cyp
  7. Decca
  8. Winstrol

What is strange here is the way the emails are written. From a self-made entrepreneur and multi-millionaire, the usage of cuss words and how he comes across does not ring true for us here at Gymfluencers. Is this a false leak? Is this another incredible marketing ploy from The Liver King?

Make sure to watch the full More Plates More Dates video and make your own decisions!

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