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Christian Guzman Quits YouTube (Kinda)

Famous YouTuber and owner of Alphaland, Christian Guzman, has decided to call it a wrap with his YouTube channel he’s had since he was 19. The fitness guru and entrepreneur, who turned 30 in February, has had the self-named YouTube channel since March 2012, when he was just a university student documenting his fitness journey.

The End Of This Channel.

Sharing the news on his channel, he gave reasons for quitting, saying he’ll always be grateful for how far he’s come, but it’s time to put a bow on the channel and wrap things up. While the channel has 998k followers, Guzman said the channel has been unable to go above one million subscribers in the last four years.

Sometime this year, he hit the one million subscribers mark, but the euphoria was short-lived as he lost about 2k followers barely three months later. As much as he loves creating content, failing to retain subscribers can be frustrating. However, he assured loyal subscribers that he wouldn’t quit YouTube but open a new channel.

SHOW DAY 2023 & Welcome To My New YouTube Channel

Referring to YouTube as the best platform for long-form content, Guzman was pleased to announce that his new channel was live. He also added that the very first video on the channel will be the Show Dy videos on the 7th of September.

Subscribers took to his comment section to encourage him, with many following his new channel. Guzman has undoubtedly impacted the fitness community positively, and it’s a relief to know he’ll continue putting out content.

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