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Bradley Martyn

Everything You Need To Know About Bradley Martyn

If you’re into working out and you don’t know who Bradley Martyn is, where have you been? The all-action American is a true OG of the fitness industry and literally has millions of followers across his social media platforms. 

Bradley Martyn

He got into bodybuilding in his teenage years, and slowly graduated into personal training, and then he turned to physique competitions.

A true maverick, he was one of the first male influencers to go viral and shot to fame during the rise of Instagram between 2012 and 2015. Yes, he really has been around that long. 


An off-the-wall character who loves to keep his viewers entertained, he’s known for pulling stunts like bench pressing girls – relatively unsuccessfully, I might add, joining the UFC, and smashing workouts while dressed as one of The Powerpuff Girls.

But as much as he’s a livewire on camera, he also has a rawness and honesty to his content that’s rare to find with macho men who usually don’t like to expose their insecurities.

He’s spoken in depth about his dad’s suicide and the lasting effect it had on him as a child, and has gained countless plaudits for his work in encouraging people who have suffered similar trauma to talk about their experiences.

So, if you’re still not familiar with this crazy yet loveable man mountain then let’s put you in the picture. 

How Tall Is Bradley Martyn?

When we said he was a big guy, we weren’t joking. Standing at 6 foot 3 inches tall he’s certainly hard to miss. 

How Old Is Bradley Martyn?

The YouTuber is 33 years old, which is actually pretty crazy considering how long he has been in the fitness game.

His Social Following 

Bradley Martyn is considered a legend among his peers and his following not only includes an army of fans but tonnes of top-level influencers, too. He has an eye-watering 4.2m followers on Instagram, 260,000 on Twitter, 3m on YouTube and 94,000 on Twitch. He also runs the Raw Talk podcast, which has a further 377,000 on YouTube.

Bradley Martyn’s Net Worth 

As all the best content creators do, Bradley Martyn leveraged his fame to start up several successful businesses. His fitness apparel label RawGear keeps both his male and female fans looking fresh in and out of the gym, while people also come from far and wide to train at Zoo Culture, the gym he owns in Los Angeles, California. 

His other ventures include BMFIT, Origin Supplements, and Culture Cast. So, it’s no surprise that his net worth is estimated at between $2m and $4m. Although during an interview with Protein Factory he admitted he has never paid too much attention to the money side of things. 

Directly asked about his net worth, he said: “To be honest I don’t even know!! lol, I am blessed and doing better than I had ever expected. I never focused on my income though. I’ve simply just done things that I wanted to do. I opened my gym Zoo Culture in May 2017 and I didn’t do it to make more money. 

“I just wanted a place to film for youtube and workout. It was always a dream of mine so I did it. It is now doing well. I started Origin Supplements and Culture Cast (podcast) because they sounded like fun. We work hard over here and strive to make everything we do successful, but ultimately it’s not about the money. It’s about the action and the work involved in building a business out of something that you’re passionate about. 

“This is how I approach everything. I learned that I was happy when I was broke and near homeless. I don’t need to focus on money to make me happy. I want to focus my happiness on how I make my money…instead of how much money I make.”

Bradley Martyn Hair 

As I said, Bradley Martyn is as transparent as they come, and in 2018 he admitted in a video that his hair loss had long been his biggest insecurity. In 2020 he posted updates of his journey through Platelet-Rich Plasma which he had to tackle male pattern baldness.


Is Bradley Martyn natty or not?

Multiple articles and videos have been made by people attempting to decipher whether Bradley Martyn’s physique is natural or whether it is a result of steroid use. Some say his rapid transformation would have been impossible to achieve without taking steroids, while others point to ‘telltale’ signs on his body such as flushed skin and extremely thick upper body mass. 

But the truth is no concrete evidence has ever been produced to prove he hasn’t just crafted his frame through hard work. He has competed in several NPC amateur bodybuilding competitions and was never caught cheating, although questions marks have been raised as to how rigorous the testing is at the lower echelons. 

Bradley Martyn natty or not?

In a recent YouTube short, he also claimed to be natural. Replying to someone in the gym shouting “Bradley Martyn does SARMs”, he replied, “that’s cap”. 

Bradley Martyn’s Dad’s suicide

A few months back Bradley Martyn spoke at length about dealing with his dad’s suicide at just 6 years old. Posting the clip on Instagram, he wrote: “It doesn’t get easier…you just get better at dealing with it…

“This was a clip from a podcast of mine a few months ago & the response that it had gotten on my stories I felt the need to post it here & talk to you guys about it. In this conversation I was having a discussion about feeling abandoned by God & My father throughout my journey because at so many points in my life I was overcome with the emotional trauma and pain that surrounded my father’s suicide that just never seemed to ‘make sense’ to me, why would a father take his life and leave behind a family & in this case specifically me a 6-year-old son.

“Over the course of my life I’ve realized that all of the trauma that you go through in life will almost NEVER make sense when it happens to you..but in time it will teach you things about yourself and about life in general that will open up a much wider view of life to and FOR you. 

“For example, if I had never experienced the hardships in my childhood and in my life I wouldn’t be the man I am today, I wouldn’t have been able to make the content & tell the story that I’ve been able to over the years and talk from a genuine & vulnerable place in my heart about the things I’ve gone through that have allowed me to connect with what feels like so many of you. It took me about 20 years for this to START to make sense to me. 

“Why is this important? It is important because whatever it is that you find yourself walking through in this life that feels like it might be the HARDEST thing that you’ve ever had to deal with. You can overcome it, not only can you overcome it..but you can THRIVE through it. The key here is realizing that it’s not always on your time, meaning you tend to see the reasons much later than the trauma. Learn to become comfortable with being in that uncomfortable space so that you can truly LEARN from it.”

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