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KSI squat form

Bradley Martyn trolls KSI over squat form

Influencer and bodybuilder extraordinaire Bradley Martyn has called out YouTuber KSI on his questionable form after a viral video attracted thousands of responses from baffled fans.

The co-founder of PRIME posted footage of him attempting a 130kg barbell front squat while being assisted by his trainer. However, fans and gym enthusiasts quickly hit back at the lift, claiming the rapper had only completed half reps.

One said: “Bro posted a light quarter squat as a flex I can’t believe it.”

While another posted: “Love you fam but none of those reps counted. Go down in weight a bit to get a full extension!”

Among the critics was the owner of Zoo Culture Bradley Martyn, who replied to the tweet by saying: “Nah ur trolling”, to which KSI responded, “I’m not a bodybuilder Bradley”.

Following up on his jibe, Bradley then tweeted his own video performing a barbell front squat, captioning the post “yo @KSI”. 

For those looking for an example of the correct form, you’re probably best off heading to Bradley’s feed, rather than KSI’s!

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