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apothekary slay all day

Apothekary Slay All Day Helps You Do Just That

Get ready to take on the world and slay all day with the best-selling energy and detox formula from Apothékary.

Apothékary Slay all day is a herbal supplement that combines organic Japanese matcha with Chlorella and Ginseng in a creamy blend that makes the perfect replacement for your morning coffee. It gives you a long-lasting energy boost, but without the jitters that can come with chugging a cup of coffee. You can even get the formula for 15% off using our Apothekary discount code, G15.

Matcha is an antioxidant plant that’s rich in L-Theanine which helps to boost energy and leaves you feeling more alert, while Chlorella and Ginseng are both powerful adaptogens which help with detoxing and work to boost the immune system.

The Slay all day formula pairs brilliantly with coconut milk to make a gorgeous matcha latte, and while you can drink it at any time of day you might want to keep it to the mornings if you do find caffeine impacts your sleep. 

You can grab a box of 10 travel packs from Apothékary for $23, perfect for anyone who travels a lot or is constantly on the go. Or you can get a 12 serving jar for $25 and a 45 serving jar for $60.

Whichever option you go for you can save yourself a pretty awesome $15 off the price by using our unique discount code ‘GF15’ at the online checkout. Visit the Apothekary website now to shop.

apothekary slay all day

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