Apothekary Discount Code
Apothekary Discount Code

Apothekary Discount Code

$15 OFF


Terms & Conditions:

Use our Apothekary Discount Code to save money on its wide range of health supplements including dietary supplements and mood boosters.

Use our discount code GF15 to grab 15% off some of our favourite items including:

  1. Starter Set – Restore: Get your sleep back on track with their stress-reducing remedy.
  2. Chill The F* Out: Packed with the finest ingredients including Reishi Mushroom, Ashwagandha and Raw Cacao this is the perfect supplement to bring your stress levels back down to normal.
  3. Blue Me Away: Blue matcha, Ginseng and Coconut Cream Powder are all blended together to help boost your energy and libido.

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