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Bulletproof Coffee Pods

5 Reasons To Use Bulletproof Coffee Pods

We love a good cup of coffee in the morning, and Bulletproof Coffee Pods make an exceptionally good cup of coffee.

Here are 5 reasons to give them a try:

Bulletproof Coffee Pods

Bulletproof coffee pods come in a range of blends, so, however, you take your coffee you’ll find a blend you love.

The range includes:

  • The Original – medium roast for a sweet and smooth flavor
  • The Mentalist – medium-dark roast, rich and nutty
  • The High Achiever – enhanced medium-dark roast 
  • French Kick – dark roast, smoky and smooth
  • Keto Coffee – all-in-one recipe, medium roast
Bulletproof Coffee Pods

Our pick of the bunch is The High Achiever, which is enhanced with B vitamins, Lion’s Mane, and Coffeeberry for an extra energy boost and more focus throughout your day.

Incredible taste

Whichever blend you go for you know that you’ll get an amazing-tasting cup of coffee with a Bulletproof coffee pod. With flavor profiles including cinnamon, plum, orange, and smoky chocolate aromas, these coffees have such depth of flavor they’ll feel like a real treat to start your day with.

Quick and easy

With Bulletproof coffee pods making a great cup of coffee is crazy easy. Just pop a pod in your machine and in minutes you’ve got a hot, delicious coffee ready to enjoy.

Bulletproof Coffee Pods

High quality clean coffee

Bulletproof makes its coffee with single-origin, small-batch Arabica beans that are held to extremely stringent quality standards. The beans are all tested for toxins so their coffee is as clean as it can be, so you know there are no nasties in your morning mug.

Bulletproof Discount Code

Sign up to a subscription and get a fresh box of Bulletproof pods delivered straight to your door every 4 weeks, for 20% less than buying a single, one-off box. You can also use our Bulletproof Discount Code GF25 to save 25% off all online orders Here.

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