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Pique Discount Code

3 Products You Need To Buy When Using Our 5% Off Pique Discount Code

It’s a new year, and we’re starting 2023 as we mean to go on by offering you yet another amazing discount code. Leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about pumping weights and getting your steps in, it’s also about supporting and nourishing your body with supplements that allow you to shine inside and out. That’s why we’re offering you 5% off when using our Pique Discount Code GF5 at the checkout – and we’ve even picked three great finds that you can buy.

Who Are Pique?

Before we take a look at the products, let’s put the creator under the microscope. Founder and CEO of Pique Simon Cheng is on a mission to create doctor-approved, cutting-edge solutions for your head-to-toe health and beauty transformation. After graduating from Harvard Simon struggled with several serious health conditions which eventually motivated him to travel the world to study the art of Eastern medicine and breath-work with the world’s most accomplished masters. 

That venture now means Pique’s exquisite ingredients are sourced from the most biodiverse and ecological destinations worldwide – from the pristine mountains of Kagoshima, Japan to the sun-drenched coasts of Calabria, Italy and primordial forests of Yunnan, China. Prizing quality and artisanship, they’ve formed deep relationships with multi-generational farmers, tea masters, traditional medicine doctors and ingredient scientists to design cutting-edge solutions for a healthier, radiantly beautiful you.

So, now you’ve got a bit of the background, let’s take a look at 3 amazing pickups that we think you’ll love, shall we?

Radiant Skin Trio 

Achieve a glow like no other and support healthy skin elasticity with this powerful antioxidant trio. The kit includes Pique’s Daily Radiance formula, Sun Goddess Matcha and Hibiscus Beauty Elixir, all three of which are crammed full of cleansing ingredients. Organic Black European elderberries and liposomal Vitamin C support healthy collagen production to nourish youthful skin and support healthy ageing. Anthocyanin in hibiscus and EGCG catechins in matcha help your cells fend off harmful free radicals, while chlorophyll supports your liver’s cleansing functions to promote a clear and bright complexion. Plus, there are zero preservatives, refined sugars, or additives.

Pique Discount Code

A one-time purchase will cost you $132, but if you subscribe you’ll save a further 10%, bringing the price down to $118 before you’ve added our discount. Now that is what we call value. If you’re not sold then check out some of the glowing reviews from happy customers – there are loads of them! Click here to grab yours.

Pu’erh Black Tea 

You’ve almost definitely heard of green tea, but I’d wager a hefty bet that you haven’t explored the healing powers of black tea. A rare and ancient tea wild-harvested from 250-year-old trees, black tea nourishes a healthy gut with prebiotics and probiotics. Deeper roots than any other tea supply rich minerals and polyphenols (theaflavins) to nutrient-dense leaves which are fermented by naturally-occurring microbes for powerful digestion and metabolism support.

Pu'erh Black Tea 

Again, it contains zero preservatives, refined sugar, or additives, and it’s USDA organic + triple toxin screened for purity. For a hot drink, simply add crystals to a cup, add 8oz of hot water and stir. For the best results avoid boiling the water. Each carton contains 28 servings and costs $58. However, if you subscribe you can pick one up for $52.20 before using our GF5 discount code. Sound good? Get yours today!

Chaga Energy Elixir 

You don’t have to pump yourself full of caffeine just so you have enough energy to scrape through the day. Instead, nourish and protect your body with the king of functional mushrooms. Wild-harvested Siberian Chaga supports cellular health and vitality from within. Pique has formulated it with sweet burdock root and ginseng for a stimulating, rejuvenating, and caffeine-free alternative to your hourly coffees. Just like the other products we’ve picked out, this jitter-free substitute contains absolutely no preservatives, refined sugar, or additives, so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body. 

Chaga Energy Elixir 

What’s more, the elixir can be consumed as a hot drink, so if you’re in the routine of reaching for a warming cup of coffee halfway through the day then you don’t even need to kick the habit, just simply tweak it. Each carton contains 28 servings and costs $58. As with all of Pique’s products, if you subscribe you’ll save an additional 10%. You’ll also benefit from a 100% happiness guarantee, which means if you’re not thrilled with your purchase, you may return your package for a refund anytime within the first 30 days of your purchase. They’ll even provide a free return shipping label!
Take back control of your energy and mood today by grabbing yourself a carton Here at an amazing price!

Pique Discount Code

Make sure to always use our Pique Discount Code GF5 to save 5% off all orders at checkout Here.

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