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Chris Bumstead Back Workout

Train Like Mr. Olympia With The Chris Bumstead Back Workout Routine

With just a month and a half to go until this year’s Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition, Chris Bumstead is stepping up his training and getting himself mentally and physically prepared.

As the three-time reigning champion, Chris is looking to hold onto the title and break his own record of the most Classic Physique Olympia titles in the history of the competition.


In his latest YouTube video Bumstead shares the tough back workout plan that he follows, which includes lat pulldowns, barbell rows, row machines, and cambered bar cable pullovers. 

He also opens up about how he keeps his motivation up, year after year, to keep going after the same goal, especially when that goal is one he’s already achieved.

For him, it’s all about being better than he was before. He knows what it took to win Mr. Olympia in 2021, so he knows what it’ll take to beat that and win again in 2022.  The motivation comes from that goal of always getting better, always improving, and always working on himself as an athlete and a person.

It’s not about the money or the trophies or even the titles, it’s about the journey and the personal growth it takes him to get there. All the hard work and training make him more resilient and just a better person all around.

And after watching his back routine you can’t deny that he works damn hard to get to where he is today.

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