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Apothekary do not disturb

Swap Melatonin For Apothekary Do Not Disturb

If sleep doesn’t seem to come easily to you then chances are you’ve given all sorts of remedies a try, including taking melatonin before bed to try and help you drift off to sleep.

Melatonin does work for loads of people but it’s not a long term solution and experts recommend you only take it for a month or two. Luckily there’s an awesome alternative – the Apothekary Do Not Disturb. And it’s available for 15% off too if you use discount code GF15 on checkout.

Apothekary Do Not Disturb is a herbal supplement created to reduce stress and induce peaceful sleep. It contains a potent combination of Holy Basil, Rose, and Mucuna, along with Cinnamon, Lucuma, and Coconut Cream Powder which all come together to calm your mind, reduce stress and anxiety, and help you fall into a sleep that lasts all night.

Apothekary do not disturb

The Apothekary do not disturb blend is taken with hot water, like a relaxing night time cup of tea, and works brilliantly with coconut milk for creaminess, maple syrup for more sweetness, and CBD for an extra calming effect.

A 45-serving bottle of Do Not Disturb is $60 from the Apothékary website, and you can save an awesome $15 off that price when you use our discount code GF15 at the checkout. Visit the Apothekary website to get it now.

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