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Shawley Coker

Shawley Coker Surprises His Mum With A New Car

Popular YouTuber Shawley Coker has started the year off with a bang by surprising his Mum with a brand-new car. Shawley’s mum has been a big part of his life, and after sitting in her dated, 12-year-old Honda CRV, he decided it was time to treat her to a brand-new car.

At 60 years old, Shawn wants his mother to enjoy the next phase of her life in comfort and style, which is why he surprised her with a 2021 Mercedes GLE. Shawn states that his mother absolutely loves music, but her current car has no entertainment system or apple car play. This was one of the deciding factors for his Mum’s new car and explains that Mercedes have always ranked highly in his eyes. 


Although very shocked, Shawn’s mum is over the moon with her new gift and can’t believe that it has been given to her. She remains very humble and even offers to pay Shawn back, to which he obviously declines. Shawn takes pride in showing his Mum all of the aspects of her new car as she allows the news to properly sink in.

Enjoy your new car Mama Coker!

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