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nelk boys transformation

Nelk Boys Transformation: New Training Regime

Popular Youtubers and a group of four friends, Nick, Elliot, Lucas and Kyle, also known as the NELK Boys, recently took to their YouTube channel to kick off their transformation journey. After being inconsistent with dieting and working out, they decided it was time to begin a transformation series with new videos out every week.

The NELK Boys transformation series aims not just to inspire their audience but for accountability, as they have grappled with staying consistent in the past. Joining them on the journey as their road trainer was renowned Canadian trainer Jeff Gloria. After an intensive workout at the gym with their trainer, they had a sauna session followed by a dip in the ice tub. 

NELK BOYS make a gym transformation!

For the NELK Boys, constantly being on the road makes working out a lot more difficult as they face the temptations of unhealthy meals. Also, slacking off and not working out is easy as they mostly have to be on the road for several days.

According to them, the transformation series will not only be great for business but also for their health as it’s their third time attempting to get shredded.

With over eight million subscribers on their primary YouTube channel, the NELK Boys joined YouTube in 2010, posting prank and lifestyle videos.

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