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Maxx Chewning Opens Up On His Mental Health & Worries Of Losing Girlfriend Taylor

In his final video of 2022, Maxx Chewning reflects on his year and 2022 goals, and looks ahead to 2023. In the vlog Maxx opens up about his mental health, his business and fitness plans, and why his girlfriend Taylor is so special to him. 

2022 seems to have been a positive year for Maxx, as he says in his vlog that his “goals for 2022 were just to do better….and I think overall I did achieve doing better in life.” Not only has Maxx crushed the powerlifting world in 2022, he also achieved huge success in the candy world with his company Sour Strips.

But it seems the thing that has brought Maxx most joy in 2022 is his personal life thanks to his positive, healthy relationship with his girlfriend Taylor. Maxx is admits that he previously had a very negative view of relationships, however, Taylor has shown him a whole new side to them. Smiling away at the camera, he says, “I hope you can see through my videos how much I love that girl and how much we are infatuated with each other”. He also hopes that in 2023 he can become a ‘better partner’ and is excited to see what the future has in store for them.

Maxx Chewning also opens up about his mental health, and admits that his mental health suffers most when it comes to YouTube views, and social media in general. He admits that he wants to be popular on the internet, and as a result his work is suffering.

“I want to have more purposeful work…I’m always focusing on content creation which makes my work slip…it’s not ideal”.

Maxx also adds, “I think I want to keep making videos and vlogs but I need to work on my mental health with social media…I let the comments get to me.”

Rounding up his video, Maxx positively reflects that 2023 is going to be a year of growth for him, personally, in business, in gains, and in mental health.

“It’s very easy to compare people on social media with your life…comparison is the thief of joy. Focus on you, your goals, the people you love, and your family.” Excellent advice, Maxx!

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