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Logan Paul Reveals How Much He Has Made From PRIME

Logan Paul Reveals Staggering Sales Figures For PRIME. YouTube star Logan Paul has revealed the staggering extent of how much money PRIME has made since its inception. 

The American formed an unlikely partnership with enemy-turned-business-partner KSI in January 2022 to launch the hydration beverage. 

Since then it has continually made headlines, with supermarkets and online retailers struggling to stock the product due to the demand. 

Some stockists have even sold bottles for more than £20 as fans have shown they’re willing to part with big money to get their hands on the influential pairs’ creation.

Paul and KSI recently travelled to Australia to launch PRIME’s partnership with the UFC at an event in Perth. While there they have been met with massive crowds during multiple TV and radio appearances. 

During an interview on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, the hosts asked if they knew how much money Prime made. KSI laughed at the question as Paul prepared to answer and said, “oh god”. 

But his partner-in-crime was a lot less reserved about sharing details of their success. He said: “In year 1, we cleared $250m in retail sales, $110m gross internally. In January of this year, we did $45m.”

If sales stay as they are then Paul and KSI are set to achieve more than double the numbers they saw in PRIME’s inaugural year.  

If you’re a fan of podcasts, check out the episode below.

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