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Joey Swoll

Joey Swoll Drops New Gym Positivity Nation Tank Tops 

Online commentator and CEO of Gym Positivity Joey Swoll has dropped some brand new merchandise. 

The stacked guardian of the fitness realm has shot to fame over recent years for calling out content creators who unjustly mock, poke fun at, and accuse other gym users of wrongdoing for absolutely normal behaviour. 

If you don’t know him by name, you’ve almost certainly seen him appear on you Instagram or TikTok ‘for you’ page calling on people to “do better”. 

In fact, his opinion became so revered that he turned his feel-good message into a brand – Gym Positivity Nation.

Riding on the crest of a wave, Swoll has just added another 2 GPN tank tops to the range. He announced the new additions on Twitter by modelling them himself, showing off his monster shoulders and arms in the process.

Joey Swoll

The tanks come in black and grey and are adorned with the GPN branding front and centre. They’re available for $28.99 from his website and come in sizes ranging from Small to 2XL. 

Swoll has become an ambassador for acceptance within the wider fitness community. He has spoken extensively about his own struggles with painkiller addiction, his rock bottom, and his recovery.

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