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jesse james west engages girlfriend

Jesse James West and Claudia Walsh Are Engaged!

Big news from the fitness influencer world –  Jesse James West is officially engaged to his girlfriend Claudia Walsh! The couple first met two and a half years ago and moved into their dream home together almost a year ago, and now they’ve shared the exciting news that they’re planning on getting married.

Jesse announced the engagement in a recent video on his YouTube channel, where he gave us an inside look behind the scenes of the proposal. From picking out the rings with the help of both his mum and Claudia’s mum, to checking that he had the green light from her dad, Jesse made sure every detail was just right.

And while West was a bit nervous about asking Claudia’s dad if he was happy for him to propose he really didn’t need to worry, with him telling Jesse ‘I told you a long time ago to marry her’.

Jesse pulled off the surprise proposal just a couple of days before Valentine’s Day, and Claudia was clearly caught off guard by the whole thing (in the best way possible, of course!). Jesse got down on one knee and presented her with a stunning three-carat diamond ring. And her response? Well, let’s just say she didn’t hesitate to say “yes, obviously”.

There’s no word yet on when the pair are planning to get married, but there’s a good chance we’ll be able to follow along on the journey as they get ready to walk down the aisle with both Jesse and Claudia sharing details of their lives on their YouTube channels. For now though, head over to Jesse’s YouTube channel and see for yourself just how much thought he put into the proposal and how well it all played out on the day.

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