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Is Russel Orhii Natty or Not? 

Two-time IPF world champion Russel Orhii has declared himself ‘king of the natties’ after proving once and for all he’s not taking any PEDs.

The stacked Texan’s physique has long been the topic of speculation, with some people even posting bogus lists of what he’s supposedly been taking. 

However, while having his blood work tested, he insisted it wasn’t just to quash the rumours, but rather something he had wanted to do for a long while. 

Speaking via his YouTube channel, Orhii said: “This video isn’t to prove my natty status, I’m not out here trying to do that. 

“I’ve been lifting since 2016 in the social media space, and I’ve understood that at the end of the day, people have their own pre-conceived notions as to what I’m doing. 

NATTY OR NOT?? My blood test results!

“Anything that I do to ‘prove’ my case is irrelevant because they already have their ideas set up and they’re already going to think, regardless of what I do, that I’m unnatural, I’m taking sh*t, and I’m cheating tests.”

Orhii posted his results on the screen later on in the video. True to his word, there were no abnormalities, with his testosterone level well within the average range. 

“We need to sit down and have a conversation about who the natty king is,” he continued. 

“Because on top of looking really good, I’m also the best lifter in the world in my class, or I have been, and I’m about to be next year, too.

“If I look the way I look, and I’m as strong as I am strong, wouldn’t that make me the natty king? I’m just saying that I want to throw my hat in the ring.”

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