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Keto Krisp Butter and Salt

Introducing The Delicious Keto Krisp Butter and Salt Bars

CanDo have completely changed the protein bar game with their insanely delicious Butter and Salt flavor Keto Krisp bars. Tasting like an indulgent warm, buttery pastry with little bursts of Himalayan sea salt, these keto krisp bars are a welcome change from the usual chocolate or fruity flavored bars out there.

And with 10g of protein and only 6g of net carbs per bar they are a keto-friendly, protein-packed treat that’s perfect for anyone keeping an eye on their macros.

Keto Krisp Butter and Salt

The Keto Krisp butter and salt bars taste amazing, but are super low in sugar with just 2g of the sweet stuff in each bar. They’re also gluten free and have no artificial colors or preservatives.

What really sets these bars apart though, along with the incredible flavor, is the addition of MCT oil, coconuts, and almonds for a delicious dose of healthy fats.

And with grass-fed butter for that amazing buttery taste, these Keto Krisp bars are the perfect blend of functional collagen and indulgent flavor.

A box of 12 Keto Krisp Butter and Salt bars costs $35.99 from the CanDo website, but when you use our exclusive CanDo discount code GF20 at the checkout you can save an awesome 20%. Visit the CanDo website now to grab your bars at an incredible discount.

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