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How To Beast Reveals The Exercises That Built His Physique

How To Beast, AKA David de las Morenas, has just shared a new YouTube video with his 1.14 million subscribers where he breaks down the key six moves to focus on to build a strong, aesthetic physique.

After taking a freezing dip in the sea to wake himself up, he hits the gym to demonstrate the moves and explain the particular muscle groups they work and why they’re so effective.

The moves are:

  1. The Bulgarian split squat
  2. An incline dumbbell press
  3. The Romanian deadlift
  4. A wide grip pull up
  5. A seated dumbbell press
  6. The humble row
The Exercises That Built My Physique (Top 6 for an Aesthetic Body)

The six moves will hit all your major muscles from your hamstrings and calves to your chest, biceps, and the whole of your back.

They also all focus more on building that aesthetic look rather than purely building strength and muscle, so if your goal this year is focused on how you want your body to look then How To Beast is the man to listen to.

And if you want the man himself to walk you through your workout then visit the How to Beast Website or check out his YouTube channel for more.

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