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15% OFF Cornbread Hemp Discount Code GYMFLUENCERS

Cornbread Hemp Sets a New Benchmark for Full Spectrum CBD Products

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY – Ever wondered if there’s a CBD company that prioritizes quality over quantity? Look no further. The cousins from Kentucky, Eric Zipperle and Jim Higdon, discerned a gaping hole in the CBD market for genuinely high-quality products. Rising to the challenge, they pioneered Cornbread Hemp, the first-ever brand offering USDA organic CBD oils produced exclusively from Kentucky-grown hemp.

15% OFF Cornbread Hemp Discount Code GYMFLUENCERS

Cornbread Hemp has not just launched a product; they’ve revolutionized a standard. Fast forward from their inception, and the results are evident – thousands of satisfied customers enjoying unparalleled quality CBD, testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to enhance the quality of life of its patrons. And here’s something for our readers: Use our 15% OFF Cornbread Hemp Discount Code GYMFLUENCERS at checkout.

The Cornbread Difference: Flower-Only™ Formulation

Experienced cannabis users can vouch for the fact that the real potency of the plant lies in its flowers, not its stems and leaves. So, why do mainstream CBD producers insist on a “whole plant” approach? Cornbread Hemp throws light on this contentious issue, and the findings might just astound you.

A Legacy Rooted in Authentic Kentucky Tradition

Kentucky’s rich 250-year-old hemp legacy finds a deserving torchbearer in Cornbread Hemp. Melding traditions with innovative practices, they are scripting a new chapter in the Bluegrass State’s illustrious history of premium cannabis products.

Behind The Success: Meet the Founders

Eric Zipperle, at the helm as the Co-founder and CEO, hails from Louisville, Kentucky. His academic accolades include an accounting degree and an MBA from Bellarmine University. But it’s his personal journey, stemming from a traumatic brain injury during his high school basketball days leading to chronic headaches, that fuels his drive. Eric envisions a world where every individual has unbridled access to the therapeutic wonders of cannabis.

Jim Higdon, the Co-founder and CCO, is a Lebanon, Kentucky native. A man of many achievements, Jim boasts of academic degrees from prestigious institutions like Centre College, Brown University, and Columbia University. He’s no stranger to the hemp industry, with his 2012 book, Cornbread Mafia, paving the way for a successful journalism stint. Covering Kentucky for renowned publications like the Washington Post and providing insights on cannabis policy for POLITICO, Jim eventually channeled his extensive expertise into Cornbread Hemp. Today, thanks to his vision and dedication, the brand stands tall, collaborating with Kentucky’s finest farmers.

For those looking to delve into a CBD experience that is authentic, potent, and rooted in integrity, Cornbread Hemp beckons.



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